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So we are a long time user of the Work Order module, now the Manufacturing module.  Sometime later this year, I plan on switching from Advanced to Premium as I now understand that there is a manufacturing module for Premium.  Is this what is referred to as "Production Management" ?  And how different is this from "Manufacturing" ?  Has anyone else here made this transition, and if so, are there any gotchas I should be aware of?

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    Production Management is the rewritten version of the Work Order module into the modern Business Framework; it has mostly feature parity with Work Order, plus some additional features.  It is available on all platforms that Sage offers.  There are a couple of things that aren't up to parity:  work order history does not convert to the new module (but you will have read-access to WO historical data), and the MRP module is replaced with IRP, and IRP does not blow through subassemblies at this time.

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    Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for.  One more question.. I currently beta testing our data on 2019 advanced.  Work Order appears to be exactly the same as it was, including the same numbered file names (WO1, WO2, etc..).  Is Production Management a different module and do I have purchase it as an additional module?

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    Production Management is a new module.  Work Order customers renewing their maintenance and support contract will receive a $0 license for Sage Production Management in place of Work Order.  Customers may continue to use Work Order.  Support for legacy Work Order will continue until March 2022.

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    Note: if you convert to Premium with the new module, WO history is left behind (since WO is not compatible with Premium).

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    Where would these $0 licenses be found? Our reseller is trying to charge us even though we have renewed our support and maintenance contract with sage work order module. Our activation portal lists the applications but without any keys.