• JT to PM conversion doesn't restart after conversion error?

    Premium 2020 - 2023 upgrade, including PM (test migration for now). Migrated and converted v2020 to v2021. Then migrated from v2021 to v2023, and there was a conversion error in one of the JT tables. Wonderful, bad data in one of the tables. I remove…
  • Production Management Beginning Balances

    I have a client that is coming off S2 project accounting and moving to Production Management. I am trying to create work tickets with beginning balance activity on them without posting anything to the general ledger or inventory. Just looking to get the…
  • Question regarding Production Management vs. Manufacturing modules

    So we are a long time user of the Work Order module, now the Manufacturing module. Sometime later this year, I plan on switching from Advanced to Premium as I now understand that there is a manufacturing module for Premium. Is this what is referred to…
  • DacEasy -> Sage 100 Data Migration

    Hi All, Our manufacturing company has made the decision to go ahead and move from DacEasy 2015.1 to Sage 100 ERP. We have accumulated nearly 30 years of DacEasy transaction data and account history and do not wish to throw all that away in the transition…
  • MRP

    Does anyone use the SAGE MRP system, in South Florida that would be willing to let me come to your business and see how it works?
  • Utility to renumber Job Numbers in Job Cost

    We have job numbers that contain a period (Ex: 602.2). They were converted from another software package. VI allowed us to import them, but now we can't do anything with them. Is there a utility that would allow us to rename these jobs?