FIFO items, zero qty on hand with negative average cost

We have a client that has several items with a negative average cost.  The valuation method is FIFO and the current qty on hand is zero.  Should we run the IM_CommitCheckClear_utl, the IM_ClarCommitDataEntry_utl and the Balance Quantity and Cost utilities to correct?  I would do this in a test company first but wasn't sure if this was the best way to fix these.



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    Never mind. I went ahead and tried it in a test company and it didn't make any difference.  It appears that the Warehouse average cost looks reasonable for each warehouse.  It's just the average cost in CI_item that's negative.

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    I have a resolution.  I printed the inventory valuation report for one of the items and clicked on to show zero tiers.  It turns out that they have positive and negative tiers that offset each other...but at different costs.  I advised the user to manually adjust the tiers out and NOT to use the Negative Tier Adjustment utility.  Once she manually adjusted them out, the average cost in CI_Item was no longer negative!!