Completed more against a work ticket than the planned quantity

A user accidentally completed a total of 700 parts against a work ticket that was planned and originally processed for 600.       I thought if we just increased the Quantity Ordered to 700, it would set things up for the extra 100 as far as the Materials go.   (We use Auto Issue for our Materials Issue method and this means a Work Ticket batch and transaction are automatically created when the Work Ticket is saved.   We then process the transaction and all the materials are issued up front.)  But we could NOT figure out how to get the extra 100 parts of all the components to be properly issued as well as deducted from the " Req for W/T" column.

Can someone give me the "step by step" instructions on either REDUCING the total posted to the work ticket back down to the original quantity (along with all of the components so they no longer show up as "Req for W/T")   OR working with the extra amount and getting the extra components properly issued.

We tried a few things and really messed things up overall.    Finally got things back to where they should be but it was extremely time consuming and required many manual adjustments.

Thanks in advance!

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    When you say "Work Ticket" it can mean a few different modules.  What module are you using, PM or OM?  Also, what version; since PM went through various iterations.  And if OM, was the work ticket Make to Stock or Make to Order? 

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    We are using PM.   How can I tell what version of PM we are using?     

    All of our work tickets are set up as "Make For Inventory" (and our items are Procurement type of Make to Stock)

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    From the Sage 100 Desktop, click on HELP then About Sage 100 to find your version of Sage 100.  

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    Ah, OK, I'm sorry, I thought you were asking specifically about the module version.

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    In v2022 - PM, in Work Ticket Entry, change the Qty Ordered on Tab 1 Header Tab, from 600 to 700.  You will be prompted to answer the question "Do you want to rescale labor and material?"  By default the labor for each step and the material for each step will be turned on (check on).  Confirm what you want to scale up.  Now on the materials Tab, you can issue the remaining inventory components by changing the Quantity issued to match the new Quantity Required.  Keep in mind, this does not fix the costing of the 700 units already put into inventory.  Optionally, you can do a Production Disassembly entry to take the 700 units out of stock.  I would then close the open work ticket to history and create a new work ticket to make the units again.  I would suggest copying your company to a test company and testing the transactions before proceeding in your live company.  Your various PM Setups and WT Class Setups may impact how this functions and how things post to the GL. 

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    Thank you for the suggestions and info.   I will do some scenario testing in our test company.    I considered doing a Production Disassembly but that would only fix the "end item" and not help with issuing the extra components that were used to build the extra 100 units.  

    I tried to understand the whole "descale" idea but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.     I worked with good old fashioned "normal" Production (Work) Orders and Routers for years in my previous job and SAGE's pivot to "work tickets" and "work ticket templates" really seems to have over complicated things.   It's been a real struggle for me.