Modified/Customized Reports

I learned today that there is a difference between a modified report and a custom report (which isn't my question, it just made the exchange more challenging). We had modified a report in Sage 100 CR primarily for work comp audits, that detailed pay categories (ST, OT, Prem, Holiday, etc.), hours and wages along with total earnings. Somehow our modifications disappeared and we now have to recreate the report. 

This is not so much a question, unless someone has a good suggestion on how to back up those reports in case of mysterious disappearances, but more a heads up. Sage cannot troubleshoot any reports, custom or modified. 

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    For a modified Report Setting / Form Code, those are typically stored in a path like this:




    If you had created a system type modification, and someone clicked Designer from the printing screen, that would create a company specific report, overriding the system report... in which case removing the company specific report file would allow Sage to see the system report.

    If you modified the Sage report directly in MAS90\Reports\... (which is a bad practice), your changes may indeed be lost.  Such files are vulnerable to being overwritten during upgrades, and when installing a product update.

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    Are you sure you are in the correct form code. I have seen people edit a report with a new name and then someone selects the Standard form code the next time they print and everyone wonders where their modifications went.