Sage 100 2023 & StarShip v24

Hello everyone, 

My company has been having an issue with a Sage 100 & StarShip interaction. Basically, when shipping items, the associated Sage documents are not printing. I've doubled checked multiple times to ensure the Form Code is correct and no luck. One of the technicians at VTechnologies told me that we would have to change the default printing for the forms. I've attempted to do that in Crystal Reports & in Sage Report maintenance and still no luck. 

At the moment we're doing a manual process of shipping items via starship and going back into sage to print the documents. 

This morning I attempted to print the report template directly through Crystal Reports and it requires me to login. However I don't have the credentials on hand at the moment. Has any one had this issue and how did you remedy it? Am I missing a step? Hope to hear from someone on this topic soon!