AR Aged Invoice Report

Hello, I'm just trying to set up auto delivery for this report but it looks like it is only available in the stock Crystal Report form. Does anyone know if it's available in Sage Intelligence or if there is a way to convert Crystal Report reports to Sage Intelligence? Or maybe just how to auto deliver the Crystal Reports that come with Sage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Library Master > Main > Task Scheduler can be used to deliver reports if you have Paperless Office setup.

    Setup the Job as type=Reports.

    On the tasks folder choose the module and report task.  Printer should be Paperless Office and then enter the e-mail addresses to send the report PDF to.  Multiple e-mail addresses can be entered separated by a semicolon.

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    You could also use Sage Alerts and Workflows (or other similar program) to distribute the report as well.  For some reason, I have been unable to get the task scheduler to work as desired.

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    Sage Intelligence uses the Windows Task Manager. Have a few clients run their reports thru it.

    I built an AR Aged Invoice Report that has a prompted Cutoff date. But it can use the System Date and run at night.

    The 3 variants of the report is by Invoice Date, Invoice Due Date and GL Posting Date.

    The GL Posting Date variant will foot to the GL AR account (excluding manual postings to the account)