Database login failed into Crystal KnowledgeSync

Trying not to duplicate a question that has already been asked.

I have a crystal report that can be run from Sage and interactively that does not use any work tables, but when attempting to run it from a KnowledeSync report in 10.5 version I get a Database login failed.  This will occur whether I am using a soft login using a DSN that I have created with the SOTAMAS90 driver or with SQL credentials to the linked server, almost as if the credentials were being erased.

The application that contains the event which runs the report connects successfully to the Linked Server and I can read the tables from SQL Server Management Studio.

I have not tried to use the KLF approach, which seems to be only available in the 9.0 version since many have indicated that this was not necessary.

The underlying Sage I am connecting to for now is Providex.

This report ran well for years in 9.0.  It is a very basic report that does not require any run time parameters, just a logon.

Thanks very much in advance.

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    Have you tried contacting KnowledgeSync support? I seem to recall a similar issue and we discovered that the single database license could only handle one type of connection - so either the PVX or the Access (KLF) data source, but not both. Kind of surprised me. Not sure if that's what you're running into here.

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    Cullen.   Thanks for your reply.   I had tried to reach them without success.  I did find at the end of the day that I had to recreate an Access Database KLF to connect the 10.0.  I had assumed that since I had migrated to SQL that it would connect to the SQL linked server.