Business Insights Explorer won't work for one user

We have one user when they click on any Explorer view, the window goes to the bottom and is grayed out. If we right-click on the application and choose "Run as Administrator" then log into Sage 100, it works just fine (same machine, same Sage login).

Even logging into Sage 100 as a different user causes the issue.

It started when we were on Sage 2019, and in the meantime we've upgraded to Sage 2022 PU4. The workstation setup has been uninstalled and reinstalled.

I have a case with Sage and have been working with them on this for a while but nothing they've given me to try has worked.

I even tried logging onto the machine as administrator and adding that user to the local administrators group. (Sage support said that shouldn't be necessary.) However, that didn't work either.

I'll keep trying to work with Sage support in the meantime but wondering if anyone has seen this and found a resolution that Sage support isn't aware of.

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    Standard or Advanced? If Advanced, does it open in MAS90 mode?

    There was an old KB (who knows if it's still available) where we used to have to toggle back and forth between Standard and Classic Desktop when BIE wouldn't load. I wonder if there's something odd here going on with the desktop?

    The interesting thing here is that you say if you run Sage as an administrator it works, right? What about just embedding run as administrator into the shortcut? Otherwise it sounds like network rights are the issue. 

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    This isn't Advanced. I haven't tried it in Standard mode.

    Since this is 2022, there's no more Classic Launcher.

    I did try changing the compatibility tab to run as administrator but it doesn't work like that either. 

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    You start by saying you have one user, then mention that other users login to Sage and the same thing happens. So this is a problem with the workstation. Windows 11? 64-bit Sage?

    Either way, what happens when a different Windows login is used on the PC? I know you tried logging in as an Administrator, but what about just a "regular" user?

    Really sounds like the O/S on the PC is at fault.

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    > You start by saying you have one user, then mention that other users login to Sage and the same thing happens. 

    No I said that we have ONE user that this occurs for. We do not have issues with any other users running Business Insights Explorer.

    I haven't tried logging into the entire machine as a different user that isn't an administrator. I'll give that a whirl.