Export Invoices From Prior Day and Where Sales Order Begins With J


I need to export invoices that are from yesterday's date and the related Sales Order begins with a J.

I am a novice at using Sage Intelligence, but I have some SQL experience. I understand that it's not actually SQL.

I'm able to get the below SQL to work with a hard coded date.

SELECT AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.CustomerPONo WHERE AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.CustomerNo='INSERT CUSTOMER NAME HERE' AND AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceDate={d'2023-01-18'}

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    Never tried this before for selection, but a substring on the Select Tab seems to work for Sales Orders that start with "J":

    Now to remember the syntax for the date. It's some variation of <today> or something. But then to put it in a formula to subtract one...