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I am working on an upgrade of Mas 100 2020 to 2023.  It's gone well so far but I need to install the Crystal Reports 2020 designer on my workstation.  I cannot find the installation file.  The "Sage 100 Installation and System Administrator's Guide" states to:

"To install SAP Crystal Reports Designer to the workstation 1. Start the Sage 100 installation program, and on the Autorun screen, click Productivity Applications."

The problem is that when I open the workstation install via the autorun.exe file there is no choice for "Productivity Applications".  

Am I missing something here?  

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    I agree completely that there is no need to go to any non-Sage website to get the correct CR installer.  The Sage 100 server install files include what you need for Crystal Reports designer.

    (We typically install C.R. on the server, not a workstation, to prevent accidental clicks that can break customized system forms).

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