Is Payroll v2.23 required for running Payroll year end?

It's kind of short notice for trying to get all of our Payroll customers notified and updated.  What will happen if they try to run Payroll Year End without installing v2.23?  

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    For as long as I can remember there is almost always an update required at year end for Payroll and AP.  I think Sage posted about a month ago that the year-end updates would be released on 12/15.

    Here is what it is changing according to the release notes

    • Compliance changes needed for tax year 2022:
      • Updated Aatrix Tax Types
      • Updated Aatrix Payroll Version
      • Updated Payroll System Tax Table files
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    Yes, I read that also.  I was hoping someone from Sage would let us know what would happen if they don't do the update.  The Payroll Tax Tables get updated with a utility now, instead of an update.  I thought the original intention was to eliminate yearly updates, but I see we're back to doing IRDs (for 1099s) and this year a full Payroll update. 

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    Do you know when the AP IRD will be released? Or is it out there now?

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    It is out there already

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    You might want to look at Knowledgebase article 49810 "Year End Processing Resources for Sage 100".

    Here is an excerpt:

    This article provides a list of resources for you specific to year-end processing for Sage 100.

    Minimum supported versions of Sage 100 for year-ending 2022: (for more details see Sage 100 Supported Versions and Sage 100 Update Release Schedule articles below)

    • Sage 100 minimum required versions to process year-end.
      • Payroll
        • Payroll Tax Update. Tax information is maintained in CLAD (Sage tax cloud) and system table changes will be pushed down via the Payroll Tax Update utility within the software.
        • Sage 100 Payroll 2.23.0 (release 12/15/2022)
      • Accounts Payable 1099's
        • Sage 100 2022.0 - 2022.2 (7.10.0 - 7.10.2) plus IRD (release 12/15/2022)
        • Sage 100 2021.3 - 2021.5 (7.00.3 - 7.00.5) plus IRD (release 12/15/2022)
        • Sage 100 2020.5 - 2020.6 (6.20.5 - 6.20.6) plus IRD (release 12/15/2022)
    • Aatrix year-end update will be released mid-December (before 12/20/22).

    Additional note: The Payroll 2.23.0 update (Knowledgebase article 117931) and IRD Year End 2022 (Knowledgebase article 117934) have been released.

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    I'm less concerned with the payroll and IRD than if I have to install a PU as well. The problem with the PU is then I have to check with any 3rd party enhancements to ensure that they will work with the PU.