• Employee Self Service Users

    I suspect the answer is they do, but can anyone confirm whether or not employees that would like to access Employee Self Service to view their payment stubs require a Sage 100 user license? We have many non-Sage using employees that would like access…
  • NO profit on SOME labor

    We use Sage 100 Contractor and bill Cost plus (T&M). We have always charged a "profit" percentage on Cost Type 2 - Labor, which is easily done in 3-10-1. But now, we want to remove the "profit" percentage on some of our labor, but not all, based on…
  • Payroll Calculating NEGATIVE SIT Withheld - v2024.0.0

    Client is reporting three employees had NEGATIVE SIT (-$500) calculated during a recent payroll processing. IA recently released a new W-4 form. Accounting required all employees to update their exemptions using the form. These three employees had LARGE…
  • Payroll Entry Unbalanced

    We posted a payroll entry that wasn't balanced. From looking at it, it appears that we used an earnings code that wasn't liked to a GL account and now the trial balance is unbalanced. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and see how they…
  • employee year to date wages

    We reversed an employees check but now their year to date amounts are incorrect. how do we correct those?
  • If you're using time tacking for job cost purposes only do they still need purchase more employees?

    Client has 50 employees total, they only want to use time tracking for job cost purposes. Payroll is run through a 3rd party. Can they just purchase up to 10 employees payroll? Payroll isn't going to be processed at all in Sage.
  • Job Cost

    If a payables is already posted can I go back and add a job to it?
  • 2023 4th Quarter 941 using 2024 FICA limits

    I am trying to file my 2023 4th quarter 941. Sage/Aatrix is calculating Fica based on the 2024 limits - not 2023. So I'm getting audit errors stating I haven't withheld enough fica. I change the payroll calculations back to the 2023 limits and ran the…
  • 2023 W-2

    I have a client running SAGE 100 2023 and Payroll 2.24. They cannot run the employee W-2 forms. I do not know if this is a SAGE or AATRIX issue.
  • Payroll Tax Social Security Limit 2024

    It does not seem like the Social Security wage limit has been updated in the latest payroll tax update . Several consultants in 90 Minds have noted this, and we aren't sure if another update is coming or if it is a bug.
  • WA Employer - OR Paid Leave

    We are a WA based construction employer with Oregon employees as well. Every employee that has gone into Oregon to do work, Sage takes the Oregon Paid portion out of the their check. I believe that is coming from the Locale on 5-2-2 payroll records. That…
  • Payroll v2020

    I saw this announcement below: Starting January 1, 2024, Sage 100 will only support versions 2021, 2022, and 2023 for our Sage Accountants Network (SAN) members and Partners. This means that if you are currently using Sage 100 version 2020, you will…
  • Safe Harbor Match 401K

    In January, we are switching to a Safe Harbor Match Plan for our 401K. I'm not sure how to set up the calculations. Also, I'm not sure how to set up the calculation for the owner's portion of the match for his own contribution. Does anyone have instructions…
  • Overtime calculation at the regular rate of pay as required by the DOL and state of CA

    The DOL requires a recalculation to determine the regular rate of pay to be used for OT calculation. Sage does not calculate as the DOL requires. How are you addressing this to pay as required without a significant amount of manual entry? Any OT, premium…
  • WA State PFML

    This tax is paid on WA hours worked by WA employees. I cannot get it to calculate that way. It calculates on all hours worked. Even the hours worked in Oregon, which do not have to be included. How do I set this up? After many hours with support, the…
  • Sage 2023 Job Cost Unbilled Cost (WIP) - Seems to be changing when AP invoices are paid, not when Customer is billed?

    Customer bases all of their reporting on the Unbilled Amount. Since the upgrade, it looks like amounts are being subtracted from the Unbilled even when no invoices have been created for the customer - instead, it looks like every time a payment is made…
  • Automatic Overtime Calculating

    Can you automatically calculate overtime in sage 100 or do you have to use a time clock?
  • Alabama tax changes re Overtime being not subject to Withholding

    Alabama DOR OT Rules - January 2024.pdf Just making sure someone is on top of this before Jan 1 rolls around.
  • UIf Declaration

    Good Day, How can i re-run the May UIF declaration, i need to resubmit the May declaration. Regards Rose
  • Daily Labor Register Unable to Update (MAS200 version 4.40)

    We are trying to update the Daily Labor Register /Update showing below: but are getting the below error. The problem is a missing employee number (really have no idea how the employee number is missing, but it is, possibly some sort of system glitch…
  • Payroll Quarter End

    Hello, I'm new to the payroll module in Sage 100. Does anyone have best practice tips for quarter-end closing? Is it mandatory to close the module at quarter-end? Any guidance would be appreciated. -Andi
  • Payroll Tax Calculation

    We have a client whose internet is down due to construction being performed in their area. Unfortunately, today is payroll day. Has anyone had experience using a hotspot to run the payroll tax calculation? They are advanced and the service in onsite.…
  • Travel Pay

    How do I get this set up to pay and cost to a job without it adding burden rate to it?
  • Part of Direct Deposit Returned

    Hello, We have an employee who disperses their direct deposit into several accounts. On this last payroll, one of their banks sent back their part of the direct deposit. Can I reverse a direct deposit partially, recouping the funds in Sage from this…
  • MI Withholding Tax 2023

    Michigan has rolled-back withholding tax from 4.25% to 4.05% for 2023 yet they refuse to change the tax tables for the year. See the references below..." Treasury takes a neutral position on adjusting withholding amounts. If 2023 withholding amounts are…