Florida sales tax configuration need Avalara?


Before I go down the Avalara route, wanted to see if anyone has any creative suggestions for handling sales tax unique to Florida. 

Equipment Sales over 5,000.00  (only equipment sales )

First 5,000.00 is state and county tax 

Over 5,000.00 is just state tax 


50,000.00 equipment sales in dade county 

First 5,000.00 is 7%

        45,000.00 is 6%

I can use the taxable limit on the tax code however, the issue is the sales order could have other equipment and labor on it that is not part of the $5000 rule.

Similarly another unique scenario is COMMUNICATON SERVICE TAX for Satellite music.

Communication service tax for Satellite music is  11.44% for the first $23.00 and the rest is full sales tax (state and county). 

Example a satellite music customer with a rate $50.00

First $23,00 at 11.44%

And $27.00 at 7 %

But this satellite invoice can have other items on it that is not part of the $23 rule.