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Hi guys I have a client with an old MAS90 server and I set up a new workstation and just directed the icon to the server and it worked but it didn’t install crystal reports. I realized there is a workstation install but it’s asking to put the path to the server and I just want to make sure if I install it on the workstation it’s not going to mess up the server if I direct it to the server, as they have no backup or anything and can’t mess up the server. Any help would be appreciated!

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    First: implement backups!  No business should be working without a proper data backup and recovery strategy.

    For your question, what version? 

    Typically setting up a workstation involves running the workstation installer (autorun.exe) from MAS90\wksetup... which should include everything you need to run the program normally.

    (Crystal Reports designer is indeed a separate installer, but that is not normally installed on workstations).

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    It must be an old install. In older versions they required a mapped drive for work station installation   And as Kevin mentioned Crystal is not an automatic install although it is part of the install programs. 

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    Thanks guys I have since cloned the server drive and our mas90 is on a server and the workstation is mapped to it with the z drive but when the workstation setup asks for me to direct it to the mas90 install it won’t accept the mapped drive z… the whole reason I am trying to do this is because we are getting this error when we print a customized report. 

    The following error occurred while connecting to SQL Server:

    IM002: (MicrosoftJODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

    any help with either issue would be great!

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    That error message usually means the ODBC Driver was not installed. Disable anti-virus software, and make sure the User Account Control on the Workstation is set to Never.  Also, install as a local administrator or network administrator.  

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    Do we know what the version is? Go into the ..\MAS90\SOA sub-directory and open up the Status.flp file in Notepad. I'm curious as the version number. 

    IM002 is one of the old style Inventory reports, I think. Need to make sure the version is compatible with the legacy file structure.

    One thing I've done with these old, old, versions is just copy the MAS90 directory to a workstation (Win 10 should work, if you can't find an old Win 7) and run the PVXWIN32.exe from there. Sometimes in Compatibility Mode for Win 7.

    IMHO, you are flirting with disaster by trying to run this ancient software in a server/workstation environment. I strongly suggest you get them upgraded to a current version ASAP.

    Re the mapped drive, I have had very mixed results with Win 10 and mapped drives. I've become accustomed to just using UNC paths instead.

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    Thanks guys! Trying to install the workstation setup on the workstation won’t work on the mapped drive, nor will it allow unc, but I will try what you guys said and also report back with the version, thanks again!

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    hi guys I have this error now can you help guide me? Thanks!

    Error 12, Program: SWCOCX, Line: 130

    A DLL is either corrupt, not been properly registered, or incorrect version.

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    Have you searched for older versions of Crystal on this system?  If you cannot find an actual different version of Crystal, then there might be a residual file or registry entry to clear. 

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    What version of Sage 100 / MAS90? 

    What have you done so far, and what are you doing when you get the error?

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    Used to be able to search for "Error 12, Program: SWCOCX, Line: 130" in the KnowledgeBase and come up with KB# 49833. I don't see it now, and I'm not sure if there is a "translation" function to convert old to new KB numbers.

    Here was some of the old KB:
    " Cause:
    • The user running Workstation Setup may have insufficient permissions
    • Mascr.dll may be missing from ..\Mas90\Home\
    • Mascr.dll has not been properly registered
    • Crystal Reports has incorrectly registered DLLs for use by the computer's system account
    • CRPE32.DLL may be damaged or missing
    " Resolution:
    1. Temporarily add the user to the Domain Administrator group and Log on as that user
    2. Search the local drive for
    CRPE32.dll and rename all occurences of the file
    3. Uninstall and reinstall workstation setup using ..\Mas90\Wksetup\
    ◦ Note: Right-Click on Autorun.exe and select "run as administrator" if available"