Error: "Your Password has Expired. Ask you administrator to change it" may occur in Sage 2023 Product Update 3 Environment

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With the recently released Sage 300 2023 Product Update 3, the following message may occur if your user account password has expired when attempting to log in to Sage.. 

"You password has expired.  Ask your administrator to change it".

In the lead up to this expiry, you would receive a message "Your password will expire in XX days.  Do you want to change it now?".. 

It is recommended to change the password before it expires.. however if you get this message, your Administrator will need to do this.

From the Windows Start Menu, type  Local Security Policies.

Under Security Settings  - select Account Policies - Password Policy 

Edit the Maximum password age by increasing the number of days beyond what is currently showing. (the number of days will vary depending on your Group Policies).

Save and close the Local Security Policy Dialog Box.

The next time you log in to Sage, you will now be able to change your password.

NOTE: there will be a new Product Update (2023.4 ) released around the time Sage 300 2024 is released that will include an enhancement where the Admin user password will never expire.  But until then, please follow the above instructions.

  • Hi ValerieH, 

    There is a reset password utility tool that can reset the Admin tool (as long as you know the vault user and password)..   please download the utility from the following KB link

    having trouble with pasting the link. go to click on the Knowledgebase link and search for "reset admin utility".. you will find the article with the utility to download.. extract the file to your Sage 300 Runtime directory. then from the Windows Start Menu run a  CMD prompt "as administrator".  in the Command Prompt change the directory to the Sage 300 Runtime folder.. then type the following   resetadminpassword vaultOwnerName "vaultOwnerPassword"  "newADMINPassword" .  you replace vaultOwnerName and vaultOwnerPassword with your actual vault DB Owner's name and password.  and then type in the new password for Admin (make sure you enter a new password that meets your password complexity requirements.

  • I decided not to load 2023 PU3 until PU4 is released . I found PU3 having many unnecessary issues. Does anyone know if 2023 PU4 is out ?

  • so this worked above when I had the issue.  Unfortunately now it's been another 30 days and it's my lab and I had not logged into it for a while so I now have an "expired" password.   I can't seem to do anything.   I launch Sage and click on change password - but when I put in the old password and the new password 2 X it doesn't work because it indicates the password has expired.  What are my options.  I am completely locked out.  I am so glad I never put this on a client this is pretty bad. 

  • Hello ValerieH, when prompted to reset, you should reset the password when you sign in to Sage.. have you done that?  either that, log into Sage, accept the message and then update the password in Adminstrative Services - Users.. 


    David Crampton

  • when I installed 2023.3 this setting was 45 days.  I have tried both changing this to 0 and 120 days - neither have any impact.  I continue to get the same prompt that my password will expire in X # of days.  I am now down to 4 days.   I also looked at the post below and My SageVaultOwner is set to not enforce  password policy and thus enforce password expiration is not available .  Any suggestions