Having problems to efile Aatrix forms? Or having problems updating Aatrix?

1 minute read time.

Firewall or antivirus softwares may block the updates from Aatrix, therefore, users cannot updating Aatrix or efile Aatrix forms. 

Go to Aatrix.com/info/updates, then, go to Software Requirements at the top, try to download all the files ( Updater.exe.zip, Test1.xml, Test2.afm.zip, Test3.exe.zip, Test4.xml.zip, Test4.dll.zip and Test6.dat.zip) on the page to see if you are able to download each file successfully.  If you are able to download all the files from this page, please retry the update process.

If there is a problem to download any of the files, go to Technical Information at the top, it will show what it needs to be done on Firewall in order to allow access.  The Aatrix Updater (Updater.exe) uses standard HTTP port 80 to access the site http://updates.aatrix.com. The Firewall needs to allow access to this and also allow access for the password encrypted zip files. Detail information will be on the website under Technical Information.


Also make sure users have access to the correct directories listed on the page as well for Aatrix to read and write. Full lists of file directories are on the page. Please refer to the website for updated information. 

Users or partners can also go to manually download the updates under the Quarterly Updates section from Partner.aatrix.com/sage300 instead of using the Automatic Update when running Aatrix.

Hope the information help users to troubleshot problems with Aatrix filing.