How LanPaks work with 3rd Party Integrations

1 minute read time.

We recently were requested on some clarification on how LanPaks are consummed for Sage 300 integrations with 3rd parties.

Where the 3rd party was advising the client that Sage had changed our Lanpak policies so therefore the integration would no longer work with the lanpak count that they originally had. This occurred after they upgraded the environment from Sage 300 2019 to 2024.

They believed that they could no longer reserve LanPaks and we had changed our system behaviour also. The truth is that LanPaks have always remained the same and reserving LanPaks are still to this day a working function in all of our current supported versions of Sage 300. 

We did some more digging as a team and found that what the 3rd Party was most likely using in the 2019 version of Sage 300 an Integration Access Pack (IAP).

Sage discontinued this integration in version 2022. Here are our release notes. 

Additionally that is when we started providing the ability to "Reserve LanPaks" giving 3rd party applications the right to be flagged as a designated user so they can always have access to Sage 300.

So just wanted to write this blog as a reminder as sometimes it is hard to find these notices when they occurred in the past.

The way Sage 300 LanPak’s are consumed has always been the same with the last change being the discontinuation of the IAP licenses as well as the introduction of an option to reserve a LanPak (subscription only feature).