How to Add Additional Sample Sage Intelligence Reports

1 minute read time.

When Sage Intelligence is installed and activated, there are some pre-installed Sample Reports. 

These reports are configured against using Sage’s Sample Data (Saminc and Samltd) as a guideline..


Did you know that there are Additional Sample Reports available?  The answer is, YES there are additional reports. Here is how to find and install them.


  • In Report Manager, from the Tools Menu, select Additional Reports.




  • As Sage Intelligence Reporting is available for several Sage products you will see that there are additional reports for each of these products. For our example we will select Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting.



  • You will be presented with various options for additional reports as shown here. To add the additional reports, you simply click the green + button next to the group.  For this example, I will select Project and Job Costing Reports.

  • As you can see, there are several PJC reports available, and to review what each report does, there is a handy “Quick info” link.

  • To download the report, all you need to do is click the Download button. The Sage Intelligence Report Utility.exe will get downloaded to your PC’s Downloads folder.  Double-click to start the utility.

  • The Report Utility InstallShield Wizard will start and guide you through the process. Click Next.

  • Click Install.

  • When you click Finish, the Utility will start and prompt you to select the desired reports to download. Please note that by default, all reports will be selected. It is advised to “SelectNone” to deselect all the reports, and only select the reports that you need at this time. If in the future you need additional reports, you can run the Report Utility again and select the additional reports.

  • Click Download. The download progress will show here.

  • Open Report Manager
  • The reports are imported into a “New Reports” folder.

And that is how you install additional reports.