My Financial Reporter report does not have the correct numbers.

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Financial reporter derives values from specification defined in Column A and B in the spreadsheet.

The most common use is to define an account group to a section in the sheet. When troubleshooting issues with FR the first level is to verify accounts associated with groups.

How to verify accounts to groups:

  • Select G/L Reports, Chart of Accounts
  • Select Report Format Detail - Long Form
  • Do not change default
  • Print report shows Account groups associated with each account
  • Verify if there are any accounts missing an account group
  • Hey Ron,

    Good info. Our FRS financial reporter includes a chart of accounts screen that shows the account groups, account group sort codes and account group categories. You can also filter on accounts with no account group to quickly see if any accounts are missing an account group.

    One of the advantages of FRS is that we supply a whole bunch of standard reports that are based on the account group categories. Whilst account groups are user-defined, account group categories can't be changed so are the same in every company database - so our standard reports work with any company database out-of-the-box (assuming account groups with correct account group categories have been set up in G/L).