Printing and eFiling of 1099 Forms Now Goes Through Aatrix

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As of the December 2022, the printing and eFiling of 1099s and 1096s from Accounts Payable will go through Aatrix. The printing of the forms will continue to be free but the eFiling part will require a fee that will be charged by Aatrix. The Sage 300 versions that will have this feature include:

  • Sage 300 2023.1
  • Sage 300 2022.4
  • Sage 300 2021.7 

I listed the forms that Sage 300 supports in another Blog but with this new integration, even more forms will be supported and they include:

  • 1099-MISC
  • 1099-NEC
  • 1099-INT
  • TIN Verification Form – form to verify taxpayer identification.  

With the new integration in place, the previous eFiling 1099 icon will be removed by the same product update. The process for setting up, recording and inserting 1099 payments will remain the same.

The 1099 eFiling and Printing service from Aatrix include the following:

  • Print and mail Recipients copies
  • e1099 Only recipient copies
  • File the Federal 1099s and 1096
  • File all applicable State 1099s and Reconciliation forms
  • e1099s available for all recipients.
  • PDF archive of your 1099s

For current price of the services offered, please refer to the Aatrix website for more details.