Sage 300c – How to Use Debug Mode to Troubleshoot a Sage Intelligence Report

1 minute read time.
  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager has an additional tool that can be used to assist in debugging the output of a Sage Intelligence Report. Here are the steps to switch to output mode.
  • Open Sage Intelligence Report Manager.  Highlight the Home menu, then either click “Output Mode” from the Tools Menu, or right-click on the Home menu and select “Switch Output Mode”.

  • Ensure “Screen (SQL Debug) option is selected then click OK.

  • Run any Report.

    • You will see a SQL Debugger screen with the first parameters.

  • Click the “Test SQL” button.  If the statement is valid you will see the following message:

  • Click OK, then click the Continue button to proceed with the next query and repeat the same steps as above.
  • If there is a problem with the statement a SQL Error may appear, can then copy the SQL Select Statement and open up SQL Management Studio and paste statement.

  • Paste the Query generated from the report and click Execute.

  • The Query results should show in the “results” section, or if there is an error.. you can now review and troubleshoot the error in SQL.
  • To reset the Output, simply close and then re-open Report Manager.