What 1099 forms are supported in Sage 300?

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Currently, only the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC forms are support Sage 300 in both paper and electronic formats.

These are the current 1099 Codes/Boxes supported:

Additional support for new Code/Box 11 (Fish purchased for resale) in the 1099 MISC has been added by 2022 PU2, 2021 PU5 and 2020 PU8.

Filing Dates:

1099-NEC – Paper or Electronic – Filed on or before January 31.

1099-MISC –       Paper – Filed by February 28.

                                Electronic – Filed by March 31.  


1099 related screens in Accounts Payable (KB:81096):

  1. A/P Setup, 1099/CPRS Codes:

This is where all the supported codes to be used needs to be setup first.

  1. A/P Vendors, Vendors, Invoicing tab:

After the codes are setup, they need to be added to each relevant vendor(s).

  1. A/P Transactions, Invoice Entry (IN, DN, CN):

Specify 1099 related amount in the transaction.

  1. A/P Vendors, 1099/CPRS Inquiry:

Have 2 Functionalities:

- Shows 1099 payment details for a range of Vendors and/or Codes.

- Add/Modify the 1099 payments (pending the options are turned on in A/P Setup, Options).

  1. A/P Reports, Print 1099/1096 Forms:

Print paper copies of 1099 forms.

  1. A/P Periodic Processing, 1099 Electronic Filing:

Generate 1099 electronic file.

Note: The details provide here are only for your reference. Check on the IRS site for more details and filing instructions.