GL Batch Posting Error: Period 1 in fiscal year 2024 is locked for General Ledger in Common Services' Fiscal Calendar.

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I am new in a company and Sage 300 premium. July is our period 1 for the new fiscal year 2024. There is no accountant in the company in July, hence nothing posted in GL in July. When I posted AP source entries from GL batch listing, this is the error message screenshot I got: 

Period 1 in fiscal year 2024 is locked for General Ledger in Common Services' Fiscal Calendar.

and an error batch is automatically created. My question is what should I do now since July AP payments are still outstanding from GL balance. I am thinking that Open July GL, AP, Bank service, PO modules and then post the error message batch. Is this the right way to go or there is any other solutions to resolved this?

Thanks you in advance. 


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    Yes, open July for GL (and any other applications you will post in, or all applications) in the fiscal calendar, then post.  You probably want to change the error batch description before you post it.  And don't forget to open August for all apps before you start posting in August.

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    You need to roll your GL into the new fiscal year via periodic processing.
    Do a backup then go to GL periodic processing
    Create new year
    Do that then you'll be able to post those entries

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    It seems like the issue you're facing is related to the fiscal period being locked in Sage 300 Premium's General Ledger module. The error message indicates that Period 1 of the fiscal year 2024 is locked in the Fiscal Calendar. This typically occurs to prevent any further changes or postings to a period that has already been closed.

    To address this issue and correctly post your AP payments for July, you can follow these steps:

    • Verify the Lock Status: Double-check that Period 1 of the fiscal year 2024 is indeed locked in the Fiscal Calendar. Sometimes, these issues can arise due to misconfiguration or misunderstanding.

    • Unlock the Period: If you find that Period 1 is locked, you will need to unlock it. To do this, you would generally require appropriate permissions. You can navigate to the Common Services or Fiscal Calendar module, locate Period 1 for the fiscal year 2024, and unlock it.

    • Repost the Entries: Once you've unlocked the period, you can go ahead and repost the AP source entries from the GL batch listing that resulted in the error. Make sure to double-check the batch and its entries for accuracy before posting.