• AR Refund

    Is there a way to hold a refund check for a customer. We may have a customer that wants all of their refunds done at one time at the end of the year instead of many times throughout the year.
  • Bank Reconciliation- Sage 300

    Hello, My client uses Sage 300, and we have an issue with the bank reconciliation. A bank withdrawal entry was posted, then reversed the transaction when we realized it wasn't needed. The issue is that the withdrawal item still appears as an outstanding…
  • Import AP Invoice batch

    I am hoping to create a template for importing invoice batches. We have some monthly invoicing with almost 200 customers that gets processed by using the A/R Periodic Processing Recurring Charge Batch feature. However, I am hoping there may be a way to…
  • Penny Invoice balances due to rounding

    Greetings: We have many vendors with one cent balances due to rounding errors in the system. How can we remove these from the Open Invoice Register? I have dozens of these $.01 balances.
  • Are you able to merge suppliers in AP? I have two set up with the same company details

    Want to know if able to merge the transactions in two separate suppliers and make them one supplier only? Thanks
  • Debit note applied still shows current balance

    In A/R Document inquiry, client has an invoice with a credit note and debit note both applied to it, but the current balance shows the value of the debit note instead of zero. The credit was for more than the original document, resulting in a credit…
  • Calculation issues in exchange rate: AP Payment

    Making an AP Payment Entry to a foreign vendor in AUD. FJD is the local currency We are converting AUD 21,640 at a rate of 0.6620 per FJD The amount should be FJD 32,688.82 Sage300 calculated FJD 32,689.238 Is this because the decimal places are set…
  • posting journal errors

    hello, a new calendar year had not been created which caused many journal entries to have an error "cannot post to a future year." now that the calendar year has been created how do we post those entries sitting in error? thank you
  • GL account Consolidation

    if an account is set to consolidate is there any issue with changing that to detail. I understand that all transactions posted prior to this change would be consolidated and only after making this change would they begin to be posted in detail. But I…
  • Navigating between GL, AP and AR

    I am wondering if it is possible to navigate directly between the A/P ledger or A/R ledger and the General Ledger. For example, if I'm looking at an A/P transaction in the A/P ledger, is there a quick way to navigate to the resulting G/L posting? And…

  • AR Receipt - Special / invalid characters in AR check / receipt field causing Bank Reconciliation issue

    A user entered a '[' within text in the AR Receipt Check/Receipt No. field which then caused an issue in the Bank Reconciliation. We are on version 2014 (300 Premium ERP) (Build 1) (Product Update 1). A posting by Connie H. in Sage Ideas database titled…
  • SAGE 300 ERP RollOver

    Hello Everyone, I recently created a new year(2024) for a client's company, but the document date and posting date are 2024 instead them being DECEMBER 31, 2023. Now, I am not sure if it's an error or it's okay. My idea is to reverse the entry and repost…
  • Wrong Entry

    Hi I opened batch number 584 in A/R receipt batch list and keep A/R transaction in A/R receipt entry. But I accidentally pressed the batch number 585 and entered one A/R receipt transaction in that new wrong batch number 585. So, I would like to delete…
  • Refund a customer

    How to refund a customer on a fully paid invoice. One of our residents passed away and I have to pro rate the days of the month that he was here and give his family the refund. How do I do that?
  • Sage 300 Aatrix 1099 Filing Instructions

    Is there any documentation available for the processing of 1099s from Sage 300 using Aatrix? It looks like no documentation was added to the user guides or F1 help for the "1099 Filing" menu option in AP Vendor Reports. Bert
  • Calculate Interest on overdue invoices.

    Dears how can I calculate the interest on the customer who have overdue invoices. what is the setup that should be done? Thank you
  • Error during AP Payment Import

    Hi all, While importing AP Payment, I encounter this error "The bank code and bank currency combination does not match that of the batch". However, the batch is still imported with all (total = 3) of the entries. I do not understand what does…
  • Payroll deduction as percentage of net

    Canadian Payroll - I cannot figure out how to set-up a garnishee code that calculates on percentage of net pay. Is this even possible? I've tried every possible combination of Calc Bases and "take deduction before". I can get it to calculate tax correctly…
  • bank Reconciliation

    We created a new database and entered opening balances. How do we enter O/S chq to the bank entry for reconcilation?
  • How to do a tax only credit in AP and AR

    Here are instructions on doing a tax only credit in AP and AR: http://bit.ly/APTaxCredit http://bit.ly/ARTaxCredit
  • Canadian Payroll wage rate table

    Does anyone know of a third-party product that will accumulate hours on an earnings code and change the rate once a threshold is achieved? For example, an employee is paid $25/hr. for the first 1000 hours worked, then $30/hr. for 1001 to 2000 hrs. and…
  • Canadian Payroll ROE batch

    I have a client that is doing a mass ROE batch. Is there any way to have the Reason Code set to a specific choice? By default it just picks the first code in the list. So the client has to go through each of the 200+ ROE's in the batch and change the…
  • Bank Reconciliation

    Our temp accountant cleared an outstanding check last month but changed the amount to $0. The check actually cleared in the current month. Does anyone have a solution to this so that I can clear it in the current month's reconciliation?
  • How Do I Remove zero balance transactions from the bank reconciliation

    Hello All, I'm sure this is a question that many Sage 300 users have. On the bank reconciliation, there are transactions with zero dollar amounts that are piling up because the system does not allow the user to clear them (I try to click on the…