Calculation issues in exchange rate: AP Payment

Making an AP Payment Entry to a foreign vendor in AUD. FJD is the local currency

We are converting AUD 21,640 at a rate of 0.6620 per FJD 

The amount should be FJD 32,688.82

Sage300 calculated FJD 32,689.238

Is this because the decimal places are set to 3 in currencies? Would changing it to 2 decimal places calculate the figure of FJD 32,688.82?

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    Can you please provide us more information on this issue?

    1. What are your source and functional currency?
    2. How many decimal places for your source and functional currencies? Are you referring to FJD has 3 decimal places?
    3. Where do you see FJD 32,689.238? In the A/P Payment or in the General Ledger?