How to Disable Notes Popup in Sage300 A/P

We do not use the Notes popup box that appears every time we look up a vendor.  Is there a way to disable this popup box from appearing (either globally or by user)?

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    If you do not use Notes, remove that application.  If you do want to keep notes, switch to Orchid Notes.

  • Hi  either remove the Group ID next to Notes for users under User Authorizations so Notes doesn't pop, rename the KNxx folder to KNxx-Disabled OR deactivate the module completely by renaming the KN folder and drop all KN* tables, and remove all KN* entries from the CSAPP and DATADICT tables.  Good luck!

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    If you don't use notes you can remove the application by either disabling it in the user authorisations or by deleting it. You can do that using the SDK, or if you don't want to install that, you can run the SQL below on company database.

    WARNING: Code is provided "as is". Backup before you do anything
    I am not responsible any damage caused to your system
    In the line below that reads
    select @selector = ''
    In between the 2 quotes, put in the 2 letter selector code that refers to
    the module in question. If you wanted to remove the Notes module, change the
    line to read as below:
    select @selector = 'KN'
    When you run this, it will run to completion without prompt and it makes
    direct updates to your Sage database
    Use with caution!
    declare @selector nvarchar(2), @ver nvarchar(4), @table nvarchar(100)
    select @selector = '' -- <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Set the module selector code here
    select @ver = PGMVER from CSAPP where SELECTOR = @selector
    print 'Removing module with selector ' + @selector + ' and version ' + @ver
    print replicate('-', len('Removing module with selector ' + @selector + ' and version ' + @ver))
    print ''
    declare c cursor for
    select TABLENAME from DATADICT where left(TABLENAME, 2) = @selector
    open c
    fetch next from c into @table
    while @@fetch_status = 0
        exec ('drop table '+ @table)
        delete from DATADICT where TABLENAME = @table
        fetch next from c into @table
    close c
    deallocate c
    delete from CSFSCST where PGMID = @selector
    delete from CSAPP where PGMID = @selector and PGMVER = @ver

  • If you would like to remove Notes, our Free DataCheck download has a feature to remove applications. Simple.