Sage 300 .Net Remote service is not working


I get the error below when trying to start the sage 300 .NET remote services. I have tried the solutions in this article and this one two but it seems that my Sage 300 ERP 2023 setup does not come with Web Deployment Manager Wizard. 

Anyone know how I can resolve this?

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  • You're not supposed to do that.  Why are you trying to run it in the first place?

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    I have done an integration of Sage CRM R1 2023 with Sage 300 ERP 2023 for one of our clients. However they are unable to view data, such as purchase orders, from Sage 300 ERP in Sage CRM. One of the recommended solutions I found in the CRM general discussions was that that service needs to be running in order for the data to be accessed successfully.

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    I have integration as well.  Mine has never been running.  You don't need it.  That is not the issue.

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    Hi  as Jay and Terry have said, the .Net Remoting Service is an on-demand service that should not, and can not, continually run.  The manuals will brief you up on this - they're really good.  Firstly, check the prerequisites.  Make sure your Sage 300 web screens are operating correctly.  Are the PO and OE web screens working correctly?  Have you configured the Sage 300 Portal database to do this?  If not, please ensure you work through setting up IIS correctly under section 2-2 of the Installation and Administration Guide then work through chapter 5 to ensure the Web Screens are configured correctly.  If IIS was not setup properly to support the Web Screens when Sage 300 was installed, you will need to repair the Sage 300 install to re-install the Web  Screens.  Then ensure you work your way through the entire Integration Guide being sure that tests of URLS and connections are successful as you go before processing further.  Next, please check your Sage 300 connection from within Sage CRM.  Make sure you have a valid Sage 300 account setup in CRM and that CRM can successfully connect and pull data from Sage CRM before attempting to test any of the integration screens.     Let us know how you go, all the best & good luck!