Bank Recon - Withdrawals Outstanding

The Sage Bank Reconciliation screen displays outstanding withdrawals. However, upon applying the filter to show only outstanding records in the reconciliation tab, no records are found.

Upon using transaction inquiry, I located a check marked as outstanding, yet it isn't visible in the reconciliation screen.

Further investigation in BKTRANH reveals the same entry with a status of 6, indicating "Pending Journal" according to the Sage data dictionary.

How can I resolve this discrepancy?

  • Make sure the Reconciliation Date on the Reconcile Statements screen is set to a date on or after the missing transaction.  If the Reconciliation Date is in the prior period, you will not see reconciliation items for the following and future periods.  I'm not familiar with "Pending Journal" - are you sure you Posted the Bank Entry and posted the Journal Ledger journal to the G/L that is generated by the Bank Entry?  Perhaps that's what its referring to?  Is the transaction a simple Bank Entry -> Cash Withdrawal or something else?  Has the fee/expense line of the Bank Entry hit the General Ledger as well?

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    Thank you for providing the details. The transactions are dated October (2 transactions) and November (1 transaction). While only one transaction is currently visible on the reconciliation. To troubleshoot we posted in our test environment and then check using the transaction inquiry screen, we observed that two transactions are flagged as reversals, while the other is flagged as cleared.

    Despite this, the reconciliation still shows an outstanding withdrawal of the same amount. These entries originated from the AP module. We attempted to create a GL batch, but no batches were generated.