• Webscreen | Unable to post batch locked by another user

    The client utilizes Sage300 version 2024. The clerk initiates the entry, and another level of authorization is required for posting. Users have encountered difficulties in posting batches because they are locked by another user. Even after the user…
  • Vendor Correction Help

    Hello Last month I entered an ach payment under vendor ABC and it should have been under vendor AABC and I'm not sure how to correct it. The payment is made via ACH and is entered into Sage by creating a payment and posting the batch from there. Vendor…
  • FIFO item costing view by QTY

    I would like some help to see if there's a way to view the current item costing and the associated bucket QTY. We are having issues with the transaction cost of the top level item coming out at seemingly an erratic cost, therefore wanting to understand…
  • Sage 300 GL Posting with Withholding Tax and Net Payable Adjustment

    How can we achieve the following task: A supplier invoice of $115, with a withholding tax of $15. The objective is to ensure that when posted to the General Ledger (GL), the $115 reflects in the expense account, while also accounting for the fact that…
  • AR - Disable credit note entry

    Is there a way to disable the credit note entry for users in Sage 300
  • Correction to W2 after year end close

    I was informed I need to make a correction to a W-2 but the year was closed. Can you direct me to the steps to correct a W2 post close?
  • Documenting payments made outside of Sage 300 to vendor information

    I'm not sure if this will make sense, so please bare with me. I made a payment with our bank via ach to pay for a larger invoice. Is there a way to document this invoice in sage 300 and mark it as paid so that it reflects on the vendor profile? We don…

    Good day,i have processed the PO receiprt entry.without capturing the invoice number under the invoice tap,then i have posted it,so now i wanna reverse the po so that i can start from the biginning
  • Error on AP Posting from web

    I just installed SAGE 300 2024 with PU 1 but when I tried to post AP transaction from web side there is an error below but it's run well when I post it on desktop side, please help
  • PO invoice deleted from AP invoice batch appears posted in PO invoice entry

    Hi everyone, Invoices entered in PO are sent to an AP invoice batch. These AP invoice batches need to be posted before they appear on the vendor's account. However, I accidently deleted an invoice from the AP invoice batch before posting other PO invoices…
  • January 2024 Tax Table 8.0B update

    Has anyone else had an issue with tax calculations on non periodic payments since the installation of the January 2024 tax table 8.0B update? I have several Bonus Payments that I was trying to process for a client and the CPP and EI over-ride works…
  • Sage 300 ver 2023 - Module: Credit/Debit Note Entry - Err: Negative inventory levels are not allowed.

    Recently, we migrated to Sage 300 in its 2023 version. But we found a problem in the module. Credit/Debit Note Entry (PO1500) We received this mesange when introduce de Return Number Field:
  • Canadian Payroll 7.3 and latest Tax Table Update - Calculating Tax on non-periodic payments has changed

    Has anyone else had an issue with tax calculations on non periodic payments since the installation of the January tax table update? We have a client, that had used these types of payments for retro pay for a number of years, and always added that non…
  • How fix posting

    Invoices were created in AR and posted in the next period by error. Credit Notes were applied , but posted in the current period. In order to fix it, we've tried to use adjustment for Invoice - error that it is overapplied Adjustment to credit notes…
  • Bank Reconciliation sage 300

    Hello The march reconciliation is completed. And everything is in balance , GL, Bank Book etc. but when I try to post the reconciliation following message appears. I know that there is a 300 dollar receipt that was recored as receipt on march 31 st…
  • Bank Reconciliation help needed.

    Hello there , i started reconciliation and even there is no withdrawal cleared but the totals screen shows clearing of $ 1000. where should i look to figure this out?
  • Bank Reconciliation

    Hello , just wondering if anyone can help on reconciling the difference , it was reconciled a couple of months ago but now its out of balance significantly. didn't check the later month's but sure they will be out too.

    Hi everyone, I am recently not able to enter job related AP invoices in Sage 300, but i can enter regular invoices. wondering how i can fix it. Thanks
  • Sage300 Item Pricing Query

    Is it possible to setup pricing with Sage where there would be a discount based on the quantity. We are looking for a way for this to be done in Sage: to setup pricing for the first item to be free and then the next item a price needs to be paid.
  • CPP2 calculating early

    I understand that CPP2 isn't supposed to kick in until the regular maximum is reached, but I have a case where it has already starting taking CPP2 for an employee even though it's only February and he only has ~$12,000 in earnings so far. Other employees…
  • Wrong CR note period

    Hello, I posted a credit note in January when it should have been to December, they are within the same fiscal year. Is there way to adjust the period only after it has been posted? Thank you!
  • Bank Reconciliation - SLOW

    Our bank reconciliation is so slow - system takes forever to calculate. What data do we need to purge to make this process faster? Do we need to clear history?
  • inventory adjustment error

    hi - when trying to remove 5 units of inventory that we physically do not have i get an error message " there is insufficient qty for the adjustment". there is no qty reserved on the serial stock listing report. thank you
  • customer pmt

    hello, a pmt which was posted to a customer's acct (batch posted) is not appearing on their AR statement. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? thank you
  • bank reconciliation

    I reversed an AR Misc receipt transaction in Bank module (reverse transaction) and then posted it in GL AR, but i have not posted bank reconciliation yet. The original amount has not disappeared in bank reconciliation and there is no the same amount on…