SQL Login failed error in Crystal Reports


We just upgraded a client to Sage 300 2023 on their existing server.  After the upgrade, printing their customized PO form prompts to enter SQL name and password.  Even when I enter the correct credentials, it fails with "login failed" message. 

I thought this might have to do with subreports, so I deleted the two existing subreports to test, but same error.  Database location is correct and database verify is "up to date".  To complicatge matters, something changed on their SQL server where it now only allows a couple of failed attempts to log in, and then locks the user "Sage" out of the database, causing no end of troubles.

So - I'm trying to troubleshoot the login issue offsite.  Any idea what might cause this error in an ODBC PO form, when it doesn't happen in their ODBC Receipt form or any others we've discovered so far?

Thanks in advance,

-Wendy Heumann