Locking Locations from being allocated to a production Workorder

Is there a way to lock locations from being allocated to a production work order?

  • Are you referencing stock locations like bins? There are some methodologies to do this but some of it depends on how inventory and routings are configured, and how they might be reconfigured. Some procedures may need to change as well but I've seen everything from virtual warehouses to  routings just for materials, procedural changes, bin locking and custom programming but probably the most frequently used with bin locations is backflush option on your material steps. A lot of it really depends on how you are issuing materials to the work orders.

    If you are referencing a different feature as "location" or aren't tracking inventory by bin, the answer is going to change and can depend on your IM configuration and MF functional usage.

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    Yes, I am referencing stock locations as bins.  Let me rephrase, can I limit someone's access to direct issue from specific bins?  I have identified we have a practice of issuing out of warehouse bins instead of the production bins.  Yes, process change is needed but across multiple shifts/lines that will take months of change management, but cutting the access is immediate change management.

  • No and yes at the same time. If you provide permission to a user to process a WO, you can't limit their access to bins, but some of what a user can and can't do is based on your routing configuration and how you process the work order. There are a lot of variations, so it's nearly impossible to provide an accurate answer without knowing a lot more.

    For example, how are you issuing materials? Do you have separate material routings? How are your backflush options set? How are you processing the WOs? Through Production Entry (light MF), Shop Floor Control, etc.?

    The more detailed your processes, the more control you can exercise but a lot of it comes down to configuration and usage.