• Cannot Drill Into Invoices from Maintain Customers in Accounts Receivable

    I have a user that lost access to the Invoices option when Drilling Into from the Customer Info page. Is this a task that needs to be added back to the context menu? Or is it something that should automatically be added if the permissions exist for Accounts…
  • Prepaid Schedules

    I am working in Sage 500 and was wondering if they have a prepaid module for use?
  • Journal Entry Upload for Multiple Post Dates

    I have recently started a new job as A/R Manger where we are on Sage 500 - ERP 2018 Product Update 6 Desktop Enterprise Edition. One of the first limitations I came across was the ability to upload a journal entry that crosses multiple periods. Is this…
  • Locking Locations from being allocated to a production Workorder

    Is there a way to lock locations from being allocated to a production work order?
  • Price Sheets / Contract Pricing

    I have a situation where I am having trouble finding a solution. Please, see below: I have one salesperson that I want to give promotional pricing to, but not other salespeople who pull out of the same warehouse Is there any way that I can possibly…
  • Purchase Orders; Warehouse Line Item Issue

    Got a question regarding Warehouse field on the PO Module. When creating a P.O we normally place warehouse ID where our material is supposed to be shipped to The issue I'm having is when using a specific warehouse (above warehouse) when we delete the…
  • Maintain Item Code Tax Mapping - how to get a new sales tax class/tax code ID to select? - SAGE 500 ERP 2013

    I need to map a sales tax class to an inventory item in "maintain item code tax mapping". We use Avalara and if I don't map, the sales tax class is blank when it communicates with Avalara. I can create a new sales tax class in common information/maintenance…
  • New company setup

    We currently use Sage Mas500 for three companies. We would like to create a new company and use one of the existing entities as a template so as to avoid manually configuring the various modules. I've read that this may be possible in other versions of…
  • I can not find this task available to add - Reprint Bank Reconciliation

    Looked in Cash Management to add the Reprint Bank Reconciliation task but it is not in the list. I am on Sage 500 2015 version. I do have the ability to add tasks to the task menu.
  • New company setup

    Can someone point me in the direction to set up another company within Sage 500? We will be adding another company on and I want to keep them completely separate from one another. Therefore I will need to setup a whole new company / entity for AP, AR…
  • Invoice for lines not orders

    When closing orders, an invoice is created in the Sage 500 software for each line in a specific order. Any way to fix this from happening and to have an invoice that includes every line in a sales order?
  • AP Discount GL Account Setup

    Where do I go to setup the GL account number for Discounts taken in AP when we pay an invoice within the discount period? Thanks
  • Purchase order with dual vendors

    We have the following scenario which we don't know how to handle from an AP perspective. We issued a purchase order to vendor A. Vendor A delivered the goods and submitted a partial invoice which was paid. Meanwhile vendor A sold its division (along with…
  • Purchase Price Var Acct

    Is it possible to set up a different Purchase Price Var Acct for each Item Class?
  • Credit Checks, Limit Tolerances, and Automated Releases

    Does anybody actually use the "Check Credit in Picking" successfully? I'm seeing that the Limit Tolerance is only respected during Credit Checks during SO Entry -- which doesn't seem to make much sense if the order then fails the subsequent Credit Check…
  • User Account Name Change Issue

    Hello - we have decided that all users in SAGE 500 should use their domain credentials instead of a locally managed SAGE user name. In the past most of our users have been setup with a username in SAGE where the first initial of the last name and the…
  • Multicurrency for vendor items

    My understanding of the way that MAS 500 handles vendor item costs for multicurrency is that the Replacement Cost field is in home currency. That doestn't make a lot of sense. How can I store a foreign currency cost and have new POs created with that…
  • For Sage 500 version 2016, AP Voucher comment is no longer showing on reports of GL Activity and we'd like to get that feature back.

    Both the GL Transaction Report and GL Activity Reports used to show the comment from the AP Voucher header in the "Posting Comment" field, along with the Invoice # and Vendor ID (when "Include Posting Comments" was checked in Options). After we upgraded…
  • Remote application

    We have users clicking on an icon that launches the Sage 500 apliation session remotely -- on a Windows server 2012 machine. Some users have complained that the application font is too small. I have modified the users' local display and I have modified…
  • Dashbord not working after windows administrator password changed

    Hi our dashboard wouldn't open because we changed our windows administrator password. when we open dashboard http://beg-can-mass/BusinessInsightsDashboard/, we get the following error. how to fix this, can we reset data source authentication or…
  • Greyed out Condition cell in GL Transactions Report

    When we go to: GL>Insights>Report >GL Transitions Report we are able to open the report and make changes to the fields and conditions. However when we went in the condition related to the Fisc Year Field is greyed out and won't let us change the Condition…
  • Sales by Region

    Hello. We are in the process of updating and expanding our GL accounts so that we can record sales by region. Problem is, we're not quite sure how to set things up so that we can record sales by region. Is this done through the customer class?