• Prepaid Schedules

    I am working in Sage 500 and was wondering if they have a prepaid module for use?
  • Purchase Orders; Warehouse Line Item Issue

    Got a question regarding Warehouse field on the PO Module. When creating a P.O we normally place warehouse ID where our material is supposed to be shipped to The issue I'm having is when using a specific warehouse (above warehouse) when we delete the…
  • Invoice for lines not orders

    When closing orders, an invoice is created in the Sage 500 software for each line in a specific order. Any way to fix this from happening and to have an invoice that includes every line in a sales order?
  • Purchase order with dual vendors

    We have the following scenario which we don't know how to handle from an AP perspective. We issued a purchase order to vendor A. Vendor A delivered the goods and submitted a partial invoice which was paid. Meanwhile vendor A sold its division (along with…
  • Can you prevent AP / AR from using certain accounts?

    Is there a way to prevent AP from using revenue accounts and a way to prevent AR from using AP related accounts?
  • Sales by Region

    Hello. We are in the process of updating and expanding our GL accounts so that we can record sales by region. Problem is, we're not quite sure how to set things up so that we can record sales by region. Is this done through the customer class?