Does anyone know if you can customize (rearrange columns) on the Create Pick List - Lines to Pick screen?


   Is it a view that sets these columns and their order?

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    The column positions are set in code.  Some may say it may be possible using Customizer, but you would have to be very familiar with how the Sage 500 grid manager and Data Access Service works and how the columns are identified so as to not cause issues in processing.  You could have the screen modified by a qualified Sage 500 Development consultant to re-arrange the columns in the order you need them.  This would be a source code change that would need to be reviewed before applying any updates or upgrading Sage 500, so there is a maintenance overhead in this option as well as the initial design and development cost.

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond!  i'll pass on the info.

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    Aw, cmon Lou, that's not a fun answer. I mean all you have to do in CZ to solve the whole problem is add  Form.Controls("grdOrderPicked").ColHeaderDisplay = False Slight smile

    Since Robyn is asking in the customization forum, here is a link to the properties for fpspread. I think the documentation link is more or less accurate but some properties are not allowed in the UI, unless you add your own grid.

    As to your question, you would have to address the need in code, as Lou mentioned but you can enable the AllowColMove property to allow manual manipulation of the column order. It may require a refresh and you would have to test how that affects sorting, etc.

    As to the spread properties that are set by Sage, they can vary according to the UI and lookups as well as BI are a different control, but you can review the grid properties in the VB source. The defaults are generally:

    AllowCellOverflow = False
    AllowDragDrop = False
    ArrowsExitEditMode = False
    AllowUserFormulas = False
    AllowMultiBlocks = False
    AutoCalc = False
    AutoClipboard = True
    AutoSize = False
    BackColor = vbWindowBackground
    BackColorStyle = True
    BorderStyle = True
    ButtonDrawMode = SS_BDM_CURRENT_CELL
    CellBorderColor = vbButtonText
    CellBorderStyle = SS_BORDER_STYLE_SOLID
    CellType = SS_CELL_TYPE_EDIT
    ChangeMade = False
    ColHeaderDisplay = False
    ColsFrozen = False
    DataChanged = False
    DataFillEvent = False
    DisplayColHeaders = True
    DisplayRowHeaders = False
    DragMode = vbManual
    EditModePermanent = False
    EditModeReplace = True
    ForeColor = vbWindowText
    GrayAreaBackColor = vbButtonFace
    GridColor = vbButtonFace
    GridShowHoriz = True
    GridShowVert = True
    GridSolid = True
    LockBackColor = vbButtonFace
    LockForeColor = vbButtonText
    MoveActiveOnFocus = True
    NoBeep = True
    NoBorder = False
    PrintBorder = True
    PrintColHeaders = True
    PrintColor = False
    OperationMode = SS_OP_MODE_NORMAL       
    RestrictCols = False
    RestrictRows = False
    RetainSelBlock = False
    RowHeaderDisplay = SS_HEADER_BLANK
    ScrollBarExtMode = True
    ScrollBarMaxAlign = True
    ScrollBars = SS_SCROLLBAR_BOTH
    ScrollBarShowMax = True
    ShadowColor = vbButtonFace
    ShadowDark = vbButtonShadow
    ShadowText = vbButtonText
    SortKeyOrder = SS_SORT_ORDER_NONE
    SelectBlockOptions = False
    TypeEditCharCase = SS_CELL_EDIT_CASE_NO_CASE
    UserResize = SS_USER_RESIZE_COL

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    That's assuming they have access to the VB 6 source code as you point out to understand how it all works to begin with. Slight smile

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    Actually, you can do any of this using CZ, but from what I recall the binding is different when sorting is enabled in a grid and it is enabled in that one. That probably means it will have to be a source mod, unless you have a really creative VBScript developer that toggles the grid between standard and modified versions every time they select new orders for picking. As always, it's the understanding of how everything works behind the scenes that's key.