• How do I change the default combo box drop-down to something else?

    We want to change the default check layout from Stub-Stub-Check to Stub-Check-Stub. How do I change this default? It is under AP-> Activites -> Process Invoices for Payment -> Print Checks.
  • Customizer - How to Preview Crystal Report

    I am able to generate a custom report to printer via Button Click using the following code dim CRApp dim Rept dim RptFile RptFile = "<ReportPath>" Set CRApp = CreateObject("CrystalRunTime.Application") Set Rept = CRApp.OpenReport(RptFile) With…
  • Add Maintain Customers to Manage drop down on explorer view

    I'm trying to add Maintain Customers to the Manage drop down menu on a custom explorer view but it just won't save from the UI. We have plenty of other explorer views that do work. Does anyone know what SQL table this link is saved in?
  • Lookup

    Can the ship method lookup be modified?
  • Task Menu Create/Edit

    I have been trying to figure this out off and on for a couple days, but how do I create new tasks menus and/or edit the ones I have. You can see in the picture, it shows Task Menu view for Jose, which Jose isn't an employee anymore. I would like to just…
  • Sage 500 2023 SDK release date?

    Very excited to see that Sage 500 2023.0 is now released. We have several clients on v2018 that were waiting for it to upgrade. All of our clients have SDK customizations. When will the SDK for Sage 500 2023 be released? Do I need to contact someone…
  • Does anyone know if you can customize (rearrange columns) on the Create Pick List - Lines to Pick screen?

    Is it a view that sets these columns and their order?
  • Custom Lookup Views

    I followed the How To Article in this Sage 500 forum ( https://www.sagecity.com/us/sage500_erp/b/sage_500_erp_blog/posts/how-to-create-a-custom-lookup-in-sage-500 ) to create a custom lookup for users to see . I set them up in Maintain Lookup Views, then…
  • Error 430 in clsInitialize - Class Does Not Support Automation

    Greetings, I have run into a strange issue I am hoping someone out there can assist with or might have some tips to further troubleshoot the issue. We have made customizations to various existing tasks and created new tasks for Sage 500 2017. The…
  • Picking list by company

    I need a separate picking list form for each company. Where is this setup? I cannot find the picking list in business forms in Common Info.
  • Prepaid Customer Orders in SAGE 500 Sales Order Module

    We charge customers upfront for 100% of the sales order value and then typically ship the order in 2-3 transactions. We want to be able to record the entire prepaid credit card cash receipt up front in our GL, and then as we do partial line item releases…
  • Disable or Hide Commit button on Customer Returns Screen for a Security Group

    Does anyone know the best approach to disable or hide the commit button on the Customer returns screen? Maybe using customizer but how would you do it?
  • Does Sage 500 ERP have restful web apis?

    Does Sage 500 offer the same set of web APIs that Sage 300 offers (Sage300WabAPI/swagger)?
  • How to find out exactly what an application is doing in Sage 500 without source code?

    Our company wants to write its own labor entry screen outside of Sage 500 (ITAR compliance for a government contract), but integrate it by writing/updating/selecting from the Sage files. Basically mimic what Sage 500 is doing. How do I do this without…
  • Any tips on passing a value such as the Residential checkbox from a Ship To Customer address and display it in the Enter SO & Quotes screen?

    I am looking for tips on how to display the Residential checkbox from the Customer's Ship To Address to the Enter SO & Quotes screen as a Read-Only field. This would let the user know if the address is Residential or not without having to drill into the…
  • Need additional files created during check printing process

    We would like to create a process within Sage that will allow us to create a secondary run of the Check Printing process. The result of running the process is to create PDF files of each check, and at the same time, generate a file containing the data…
  • Calling code in external DLL through Event VBScript

    I am an experienced developer (mostly C#/.NET, some VBScript, Java, C, ...) and have gotten my hands dirty in Sage 500, but not too much. I've been tasked with a bit more customization here. I would like to call APIs from an external (.NET) DLL via…
  • Explore Invoices - Adding Customer Reference number column

    I want to be able to download a listing of all invoices within a date range to include the customer reference number. I have tried numerous times to add the column to the explore invoices view; it's not there. Is this possible? Am I missing something…
  • Customer Contact Records

    Hello. We need to update a number of customer records each with new contact records. I figure it's a simple insert query into tciContact. To get the next CntctKey number I use: declare @contctkey int exec spGetNextSurrogateKey 'tciContact',@cntctkey…
  • Is there a tool that will allow Sage 500 to retrieve a file from FTP for automated processing?

    Trying to integrate Sage 500 A/P with a third party application that drips a batch file into FTP. Sage 500 processing is already automated to process the batch, but it needs something to allow it to automatically retrieve the file from the FTP server…
  • Setting max value from a number control

    I've created a field in Maintain Blanket Purchase Orders. It's called Set Max Qty Ord, I want a user to be able to enter a value and then use that value to set the max on the Qty Ord input. This is my first task in Sage, so detail in an answer, or direction…
  • how to download sdk

    i am trying to integrate sage 500 with my application , but i am unable to find from where i can download sage 500 sdk ....can any one help me out ? thank you
  • Troy Printer Signature in Crystal Reports

    Has anyone out there been successful getting a signature to print using Troy Group's signature chip? With the Altec solution, the signature required the use of a text field ~&f131Y~&f3X that would trigger the printing of the signature from the chip…
  • Sales Tax Schedule

    Help! Trying to create a PO in a new company and a box comes up asking me to add a tax schedule. My other companies don't jhave this box pop up. I don't use tax schedules at all. how do I make it so that this is turned off? Thank you!!!
  • SQL Server Developer is now free.

    For all you Sage 500 developers out there, Microsoft has announced that SQL Server Developer is now a free download. It wasn't expensive before, but it is always nice to save a bit of money. blogs.technet.microsoft.com/.../