Sage 500 Knowledgebase Download center error

Unable to download files from the Sage 500 Download center. We are trying to update to Version 2023.

Keep getting error, "We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you are not authorized to view this document."

If anyone has a suggestion, thanks!

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    Yes, it is the 2023 version. I was able to download Sage 500 ERP Documentation 2023 shown in list below but the other downloads result in the error. 


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    If your support agreement with Sage is up to date, then you would need to contact them about the download. If it isn't, you won't be able to update because the database product licensing will disallow the upgrade. Overall, the upgrade might be difficult from 7.4 to 2023 (version 8.2). This is primarily because there is no direct path from a version that old to the newest. It can be done, it just requires some additional knowledge of the upgrade process, some of the upgrade utilities between those versions, platform and SQL engine upgrades and some extra time. The more functionality you have implemented, the more time it will take to work out the extra "features" and upgrade methodology.

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    Thanks for your assistance!

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    Are you logged in using your customer account?  Also, did you get these errors when trying to download the client or database utilities?

    Also, if it is ok to ask, what version are you coming from?  Our upgrades only support two versions back, so if you are trying to go to 2023, the 2023 only supports 2021 and 2019.  Earlier than that would may require upgrading to 2019 first, then to 2023.

    As a side note, version 2024 will likely be release in early March 2024  if that could possibly affect your upgrade choice.

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    Hi, yes logged into customer account. Correct, unable to download client, database utilities, or release notes. 

    We are currently on Version

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    If your Sage agreement is current, and you are using a valid portal logon, then maybe the problem is with group policies or your browser settings. The client and server downloads are exe files and your browser might be restricting you from downloading executables. You can try a different browser or a different machine, but you may be able to review or change the settings in Edge, or whichever browser you use.

    In Edge, the settings to block downloads and/or file types are usually controlled by either the Microsoft Defender Smartscreen or Block potentially unwanted apps settings:

    1. Logout of the Sage sites and close your browser.
    2. Start the browser and enter: edge://settings/privacy.
    3. Scroll down to Security.
    4. Deselect Microsoft Defender Smartscreen.
    5. Close and restart Edge, logon to the Sage Portal and retry the download.
    6. Navigate back to privacy settings and reenable the option.

    Alternatively, you can Clear browsing data privacy as well, which will remove cache.

    Cookies sometimes get corrupted, so if you want to just try removing those:

    1. Logout of the Sage sites and close your browser.
    2. Start the browser and goto: edge://settings/siteData.
    3. Scroll down to the cookies that begin with sage (there are usually a number of them).
    4. Delete said cookies with a glass of milk.
    5. Close and restart Edge, logon to the Sage Portal and retry the download.
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    7.4 is quite a ways back.  Your upgrade path is likely:

    7.4 -> 7.6 (2014) -> 7.8 (2017) -> 8.0 (2019) -> 8.20 (2023).

    I believe 2017+ client/database versions can be downloaded from the customer portal.  2014 (7.60) may not be.  Please download the available ones, then contact me and I can arrange for 2014 (7.6) to be made available to you as our development team maintains virtually every released version of Sage 500 ERP (regardless of the product name at the time).

    I do not know which Windows OS / SQL Server you have, but at some point our official support of Windows 7 is removed (but it may work anyways), as is SQL Server 2005/2008R2.  2012 is currently supported, but may be dropped in the next year or so when Microsoft drops final updates to it.

    Keep in mind that upgrades can get quite complex, which is why a given upgrade can support only two versions back. 

    Note that when  you go more than one version back, say 2014 - > 2017 it generally requires one upgrade pass from your point of view as internally goes from 2014 -> 2016 -> 2017.  There was no 2015. 

    Also note that if you have any third-party integrations, they would need to be taken into account, as well as any SDK source code modifications.

    I hope this helps.  If not, let me know.

    Ramon - Sage 500 ERP developer.