Sage Intelligence Filter and Parameter combination - need help

Need some eyes on a Sage Intelligence Transaction report filters and parameters.  Please see attached file.  

Adding filters with parameters works for one set but not another.  Can someone look to see if you have a suggestion as to why the filter/parameter set does not work?


 Filters and parameters question.docx

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    It appears the primary issue is having two account number ranges in the Filters tab.  When there's only one account number range, both the Filters tab AND the Parameters tab selections are respected.  However, when there are two account number ranges in the Filters tab, the Filters are respected upon report generation, but the Parameters selections are ignored.  Help?  Thanks in advance!

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    I am experiencing the same thing.  I've tried adding a pass-through variable in the container.  I've tried changing the order of the filters and the AND/OR logic.  Nothing seems to work if I try to do more than one account number.