No new version of SI with Sage 500 v2023 release?


I am not finding a download link for Sage Intelligence for Sage 500 2023.   Does that mean there isn't a new version?   So the 2015 version (7.50.00), metabase 6.9.4 is still the latest version available for 500?   

If so, what does that mean for the future of SI or financial reporting for Sage 500 (and other products)?   Will there ever be a new version?

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    Hello John,

    Thanks for reaching out.  We are definitely committed to Sage Intelligence (for multiple Sage products) for the long haul and are currently investigating the roadmap options for Sage 500.

    We are currently working on an upgrade for SI Core and investigating the feasibility of rolling this out to Sage 500 Intelligence Reporting in the future.

    As Kevin has mentioned above, there is a later version available than 2015 (7.5.0), which is the 2017 (7.7).

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    Thanks.  I was able to find the 2017 release.  Will check it out.    But even with that, there still hasn't been any update for 5 years.    Would be great to see some more regular improvements.

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