Is there a way to do mass write offs?

We've got thousands of invoices in our system that are aged beyond any reasonable collections timeframe (dating all the way back to 2003), so we need to get them written off. Is there a way to do a massive write off or do these have to be done one by one?

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    This is not a feature of the native Sage 500 code base. It's possible to do but would require some custom programming, so you would have to compare that with the cost of maybe hiring a temp to do the work. A custom solution could use the various APIs to create credit memos, some select mods to the finance charge base code, or you could build a UI customization for Process Cash Receipts:

    There are some aspects of the configuration of the customer and AR options that would potentially need to be verified if write offs are done manually or with Customizer. The Allow Write Offs on the Defaults tab in Maintain Customers must be enabled and the Maximum Write Off Amount on the Other tab of Set Up AR Options would have to equal or exceed the invoice amount.

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    As this thread goes, its not part of the function for Sage 500 to do mass write offs.  Write offs are specific to Customers, and  has to be done one by one, unfortunately. You can contact your Partner / Consultant for them to do a custom programming do to this.

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