• Is there a way to do mass write offs?

    We've got thousands of invoices in our system that are aged beyond any reasonable collections timeframe (dating all the way back to 2003), so we need to get them written off. Is there a way to do a massive write off or do these have to be done one by…
  • error on Commit shipment

    HI, we are from time to time getting this error in Edit Shipments trying to Commit the shipment. We have tried giving Supervisory rights to Edit shipment which hasn't helped the user. If i go in (sysadmin rights) i can sometimes commit the shipment. Does…
  • Generate SO from quote - unit price greyed out

    Does anyone know why when you create a Quote then generate SO from that quote the Unit Price field is not editable on the SO?
  • Changing Vendor on an Issued PO

    Hi All! Is there a way to change a vendor on an issued PO?
  • How Can I Apply an Unapplied Payment?

    In Sage 500 ERP - I'm looking at AR Payments and discovered we have some unapplied payments. I'm not sure how to apply them to an invoice. For example, we have $25 unapplied under one customer, when it really should have been applied to a different customer…
  • New Fiscal year Beginning balances

    When creating a new Fiscal year, there is a prompt "Click Yes to the message "Beginning balances for the new Fiscal Year and ID will be calculated. Do you wish to proceed?". We are working in the final period (of the previous year) and the first period…
  • How to find a lost un posted invoice that I lost and can no longer find

    Hello everyone, i was working on invoicing yesterday and i lost one of my biggest invoice and didn’t get to register/post it and now I can’t find it this is what I did. I went to Invoices and made a batch with all of the invoices then clicked on enter…
  • Sales Order Acknowledgement Automation

    New to the Sage 500 ERP world... so bare with me here Currently when a sales order is created it goes into an unacknowledged status... At the end of the day, someone manually goes to Sales Orders>Print/Acknowledge Sales Orders and just runs a saved…
  • Forgot to post payments to closed fiscal year

    Hi everyone, I forgot to post some payments in the fiscal year 2 years prior April 1st 2019 to March 31st 2020 which I closed on April 1st 2021.How do I go about posting these payments ?
  • Not Able To Fully Pick All Lines

    Hi, I'm not able to fully pick all the lines in DCSC Create pick list. They only when I select Out of Stocks Picks and it says Available to Ship 0. Has anybody ever had this issue?
  • How do I "Manually Purge" GL accounts ?

    I have 40 GL accounts which I have given the status of "Deleted" and I would like to remove them from my database. (None of these accounts have any transaction activity in their history.) Sage 500 documentation says that this can be done with a "Manual…
  • Who Committed the shipment?

    Does anyone know of a way to show who committed a shipment? From what I am seeing, when the shipment gets 'committed' the status changes to say 'Committed', then after the batch gets posted (normally 4x a day) the status changes to 'Posted'. Is there…
  • Material Costs in reference to routings

    I am stumped and need to find some answers, hopefully someone here can help? On the routings, each material item has an associated "Material Cost", I am trying to determine where is cost is coming from. It doesn't matter to me if the material part if…
  • Zero balance invoices still appear on aging and in explorer screen

    How can I clear zero balance invoices? I have 3 invoices that show a zero balance that continue to show up on the aging report and on the invoice screen as open invoices. It looks like each invoice had a payment posted and a discount allowed that reduced…
  • cannot create case on sage portal

    I am sure i have an account on sage portal to create case but when i do forget password to reset my credentials i am not receiving email to do so.
  • Is there a way to change the Inventory adjustment transactions to use the 'Average' instead of the 'Replacement' unit cost?

    We are setup for inventory adjustments to use the replacement value, this value is incorrect. Can we change it to use the average cost?
  • Automatic creation and posting of recurring transactions

    How can I have recurring transactions create a batch and post it automatically? I've set up the recurring transaction for monthly. I know I can pull in the recurring transaction(s) into a batch Process Journal Entry and post it each monthly manually…
  • Anyone with Sage 500 experience in New Hampshire looking for an opportunity?

    Emerson Ecologics in Manchester NH is looking for an ERP Manager with Sage 500 and WMS experience. Here is a link to the position. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1729743213/
  • Looking for an ERP Support Manager based in NH

    Hi Folks, We're in the need for an ERP Support Manager based in NH for MAS500 and a WMS application. If you are or know of such a person, feel free to reach out and I can provide more information.

    We have a complicated problem. A check date 12-31-2019 with a post date of 12-31-2019 needed to be reversed. When it was reversed, the post date is 12-31-2019 but! the transaction date was 01-10-2019. Now when we run the FULL aging report we have a…
  • Can I delete an AP Batch that has vouchers attached?

    We are using Sage 500 2018 v7.90.0.0. It seems we could do this with our previous version of Sage, but now, we cannot. The batch appears to delete, but it does not. It doesn't give an error, but when you view the batches in the system, it is still there…
  • anyone seen this error posting Phys Inventory batch?

    Even after closing out MAS and reopen and try to post again we get the same error.
  • How do I Invoice a customer for bulk product, and then keep track of their inventory in house until it is ready to ship to their customer?

    Hi, this is my first time in the forum, I may have selected the wrong categories, but hopefully someone can help me out! I have a customer (A) that wants to purchase items in bulk, be invoiced for those items, but then have us keep the stock in our…
  • Error 4262 occurred while trying to create a work order.

    We received this error while trying to create a new W/O. Error: "Error 4262 occurred at frmmfzdh001 in Procedure WOCreateStepsNotesMM. Unable to add the tmfWorkOrdDetl_HAI record because it is trying to reference a record in tmfNotes_HAI that does not…
  • Cash account locked by another user

    All users are unable to process checks - same error returned "Cash Account Locked by Another User" - how do we reset? unlock? figure out which user?