does anyone know if Sage 500 has an online manual for Inventory.  We will issue materials to jobs (we are an utility), many times not all the materials are used on the job and need to be returned to inventory.  When returning materials to inventory they will have a cost that is almost half the original cost when issued to a job.  Has anyone else experienced this?  if so, is there a way to correct it?  Maybe we are returning the materials to inventory, maybe are not selecting the correct Tran Type.   Any help would be appreciated.  

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    Sage hasn't produced the IM manual for many years, and they primarily covered the configuration of the features or just general usage. There still might have some webinar or documentation on the functionality though, but you'll have to check around. There is the general usage documentation included with the application that you can review from the Business Desktop, Online Help and What's This? help available in the form and from the context menu (right click) on most controls.

    The simplified online manuals are located in \Program Files (x86)\Sage Software\Sage MAS 500 Client\Help, Getting Started is in the User Guides folder and tutorials are in the Tutorials folder in the Client path as well. Many of these are available to launch from the Business Desktop. I attached the last full manual that was produced, at least to my knowledge, that was released for version 6.2. Some features have changed but the overall functionality has not.

    The features within the entire application are normally configured according to your organization's needs, so they are typically different for each implementation. Your overall requirement is common with construction job costing though, but there is no native functionality for this in Sage 500. If you aren't using Manufacturing, Project Accounting or even Sales Order and Purchase Order to manage labor, resources, and inventory movements, then you are obviously having to track this manually for the most part. Other than simple adjustments in and out of inventory using Process Inventory Transactions, the only other native functionality that might help you track projects might be the GL reference code feature. That is configured within GL, so you may not have domain over it if you are responsible just for inventory.

    Short of that, or some functional customization, you are left using the adjustment feature, establishing virtual warehouses or bins for the jobs, or potentially BTO kits depending on the level of tracking needed and the modules/features enabled and configured in your Sage 500 implementation.