• inventory

    does anyone know if Sage 500 has an online manual for Inventory. We will issue materials to jobs (we are an utility), many times not all the materials are used on the job and need to be returned to inventory. When returning materials to inventory they…
  • Part replacment for open work order.

    Mass 500- To replace inventory item/part for multiple Bill of Matrail and open work orders. What would be the easiest why to replace an old inventory item/part use in multiple bill of material with a new inventory item/part. This also apply to open…
  • Receiver #s

    In the Purchase Order \ Activities \ Receipt of Goods \ Process Receipt of Goods, does anyone know how to cancel a Receiver# that was issued in error. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks
  • Credit Memo

    When entering a credit memo from a vendor and posting it; it makes the amount we owe the vendor more instead of less. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • inventory

    I'm trying to close lines on a open purchase order and it says I can't. I tried using the Receipt of Invoice and it will not pull over that purchase order. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • Allowances/discounts on orders

    Hello - two of our fully integrated customers send allowances/discounts on their orders when they send them via SPS, once the orders hit Sage 500, I can see the allowance/discount percent and amount at a line level, however, for whatever reason, I have…
  • We are seeing this error running Sage ERP MAS500 v7.40, "Credit card vault operation failed. Response: FAILURE". Needing a resolution asap. Thanks

    We are seeing this error running Sage ERP MAS500 v7.40, "Credit card vault operation failed. Response: FAILURE". Needing a resolution asap. Thanks
  • GL Statistical Accounts

    1. How do we clear GL statistical accounts in Sage 500 at yearend 2. Can we use GL statistical accounts in Sage 500 for budgets
  • Updating ItemType - FG to RM

    Has anyone updated timItem directly to change an Item Type from Finished Good (5) to Raw Material (6)?
  • Report for Unapplied Payments before posting cash receipts?

    Before posting a cash receipts batch, is there a report or something that will show whether any of the payments within the batch are going to be unapplied? When I register/post the receipts, there's a AR Check Register report that has an unapplied amount…
  • Recording bank drafts

    We are performing bank reconciliations for our client. The client is recording bank drafts by writing "dummy checks," as they call them. Is there another way to record the bank drafts so that they will still show up as an item to clear in the bank reconciliation…
  • Renumber Sales Orders. Shipments, Invoices and Purchase Orders

    Is there an official way of renumber Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoices and PO? None of the screen have the A --> B icon available. A client of mine had their systems compromised by ransomware and they are manually re-entering all the documents. The…
  • Error 5 in frmPeriodEnd AP close out.

    Attempting to close out company P (first time) and receiving the subject message. Tracer messages: 13:48:59(5652836 - 46059448)-****** ENTER InvokeTask :Task ID - 67895298 13:48:59(41 - 46059489)-"Process Period End" - Task Flags, EFW_TF_AUTOLOADUI…
  • SAGE ERP 500 2019 - Cash Management Entry - Currency Exchange Rate Error

    When entering a Cash Management transaction on the "Bank Transaction Entry" screen there is a grayed out field to the middle right called "Transfer To Exch Rate" and it should display a "1.00" all the time for us. While entering a number of transactions…
  • Sage Error

    I have a Sage user who is getting the following error While trying to process vouchers - any idea what the issue is and how do I fix it? Thanks, Adrienne
  • enter purchase order error 9 at frmPurchOrd in Procedure LECheckrequiredData Subscript out of range

    Can't find anyone else who has reported this issue in Sage City or in the SageKB. Thank you.
  • Determining if a budget was closed

    Is there an easy way to determine if someone closed a budget period? SAGE 500
  • Attach Memo to Journal Entry

    We noticed the ability to attach a memo to a Journal Entry (GL>Process Journal Transaction) but once you post the JE, there is no way to view the file attached to the memo. I noticed there is a report under Common Information > Memo List but it doesn…
  • Does MRP Generation look at Purchase order tables?

    When MRP Generation is running, does it look at the open PO's, what does it look at? Does it look at Header or Detail line tables? Or does it go by the PO Log? Reason for asking is that I see a lot of entries in the PO Log that are not in the Header/Detail…
  • Accounts Payable Processing Software

    Which Accounts Payable Processing Software would work well with Sage 500?
  • Financial Reports

    I have a couple of small things, that annoys me. 1. when generating a Financial Report, the Fiscal Year - Period keep a defualt of 2012 and we are in 2015, how can i change this> 2. when process AP or AR, whatever posting date i sent does not carry…
  • Invoice for Purchase Order before Receipt of Goods

    In a lot of cases we prepay our vendors for all or a portion of the goods. The invoice is received and partial or all of the payment is made prior to the goods being shipped. We use purchase orders within the inventory process. How do I put in the invoice…