• setting up code for Process Receipt of Invoice in Purchase Order Module

    I need to add a new "Item", does anyone know where that set up is located at in Sage 500?
  • Vendor Name Not Populating in Full on Check

    Vendor Name set up in Vendor Maintenance only partially populating on printed check
  • Upgrading from 2016 to 2021 SAGE 500

    We noticed there are additional security events in the 2021 version (such as view tax id in plain text). Are all the events documented somewhere?
  • Sage 500 License

    Is it possible to still get additional Lanpak licenses for Sage 500? We are in the process of replacing it but we have a solid year left and need to add seats in the interim.
  • Turn on the dataporter button for all users

    Is there a way to set all users preferences to show dataporter? Is this an option? UPDATE tsmUser SET ShowDataPorterOnToolbar = 1
  • Is there any way to create a pick list from a Sales Order when a customer is on Credit Hold?

    We would like to be able to create a pick list even when a customer is on Credit Hold - I know the system prevents this from happening but I am looking for a work around.
  • Minimum Sales Quantity

    I would like to set up a minimum sales quantity in Sage 500 for customers, however, for different customers, I would like the minimum to vary. What is the best way to accomplish this?
  • lock down user ability to delete Settings

    We have a string of issues lately with users accidently hitting the red X in the toolbar which is for deleting the Setting from the dropdown. Is there a security right to disable that button for a group? Thank you
  • Bank Accounts - Possible to Edit the name?

    I know it's possible to do but can't recall where in SAGE 500 I am able to edit a Bank Account. I recently created a few bank accounts in SAGE 500 ERP. Realized I could be more brief with the account name and went to edit them however the Bank Account…
  • Need to find consultants to teach us how to use Sage 500 purchasing module properly - Located in Irvine, California area.

    We recently acquire a UK company that runs Sage 500. We found out that there is not a lot of knowledge in the organization there about the purchasing module and we also have been tasked to learn that function. Therefore we have a need to find a good consultant…
  • Office update to 2019

    We have some users using Sage 500 locally, we just did an Office update to 2019. Now the export does not work in the Explore view. Options are greyed out.. Is there a setting in Sage needs to be updated?
  • Build To Order Kits at Fulfillment

    Does anyone using Sage 500 have a Build Your Own kitting function at fulfillment? I'm exploring the opportunity to offer customers an option to choose the items to include in a multi-pack gift set and pass along in a pick ticket for kitting and fulfillment…
  • How can I enable "Data Import Manager" module?

    How can I enable "Data Import Manager" module. It is greyed out when I try to enable. Is this an extra fee or something I need to download? Thanks in advance, Dan
  • What happens to a Work Order if a Routing becomes inactive?

    Work order was created and then a month later the Routing/Version was made 'inactive' but the Work order wasn't finished. Would this cause any issues with the Schedule generation? Or does the routing only need to be active when the WO is created.
  • Where does one set the GL Account Used when an invoice is received and a tax amount is entered?

    Where does one set the GL Account Used when an invoice is received and a tax amount is entered? Example: Create a new "Enter Receipt of Invoice" batch. Select the invoice. Under the "Sales Tax" tab, enter a tax amount. The tax class of "Nontaxable…
  • Exclude a work order from Schedule Generation?

    Is there a way to exclude certain work orders when generating a schedule? I've searched online forums/read books but I do not see anything on if we can exclude certain work orders. Please advise. This is in reference to the 'Schedule Generation' after…
  • EFT file location

    Can the EFT file be saved to a network location? Environment: CITRIX, Sage 7.7 When the set file location button is clicked only the C:\ drive contents are displayed with no option to change to a network drive. Thank you
  • SAGE 500 GL Posting restrictions

    We do not have a way to restrict a user from creating and posting a journal entry in the GL. Our IT department tells us it isn't possible. How is everyone else dealing with this in Sage 500?
  • What access is needed to run MRP?

    What am I missing here, I have some users that I am trying to setup to use the MRP Generation. When they get to the "Planned Orders" tab, under Generate the Planned Orders is grayed out. But they can select "Actual Orders". They are setup with Supervisory…
  • how do I know when a sales order is fulfilled and ready to invoice

    I am using MAS500 and I am handling many spare parts orders. Most of the parts I need to order from my vendors and will wait for them to be received. How do I know when the parts are received and a sales order is ready to invoice?
  • Help me to better understand the RMA process

    This may come down to being internally defined, but I am looking for examples of how you handle your RMA's as far as tracking in the Sage 500 system. By design, we originally had a Service Warehouse where all RMA's were receiveing into the default bin…
  • Can I specify per Sales Order what location to pick part from?

    I have the following scenario: 1 warehouse 2 locations 2 bins I need for Sales Order "A" to pick from location 1/Bin1 and Sales Order "B" to pick from location 5/Bin 89. Can I setup the system to do this automatically? Is there something on…
  • Single User Error "Unhandled Exception"

    I have a single user that has 2 views that throw an unhandled exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object when they use the lookup within the filter. If you enter data in the field then click refresh, data comes up. I have tried to…
  • Subsidiary company activation required or no?

    We are creating subsidiary companies in Sage 500 and would like to know if activation will be required for each additional company or can they all be happy on the same current activation (with the same modules)?
  • Unit of measure consolidation in Sage 500

    Has anyone ever ran into a situation where they needed to consolidate two UOMs that are the same? As an example, half of the inventory is assigned to EACH while half is assigned to EA. Both UOM are the same (each) but under different names. I have not…