MAS 500 Change from Average Cost basis to Standard Cost basis

Has anyone done this?  And if so, can you offer any advice for such an undertaking? 

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    I'm sorry, but you may not change the cost basis (Valuation Method) for an item, or any item, once saved. This is by design. Any changes especially from the sql tables/back end will create data corruption and is not supported by Sage.   Any issues will not be supported if you change the cost basis.   I would strongly advise to create a new item with the new cost basis.  You may rename the old item and then re-use the item ID again if you need to for the new item with the correct cost basis.


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    Cynthia Bolick

    QA Engineer Sr

    Sage 500 ERP



  • I should have elaborated.    We currently are on an average cost basis and want to move to a standard cost environment at year end.     We want to start the planning process now (that is --- finding out what exactly must be done beforehand by using a test data base exclusively for this process) and then get into the testing process in the second half of the year.


    The planning process needs to lay out what must be done to accurately define the work center adders for burden and overhead and all the other components of such a change.


    I know this process has to be guided by our Sage Business Partner, but I was hoping to see if anyone in the Sage world has already accomplished such a change.



  • We have done this before and I know some other Partners have as well. However as stated before this is NOT A SUPPORTED process by Sage.

  • Have there been any updates to this process in the last three years? We are now in the same boat, evaluating what is needed to change from average costing to standard costing.  Is this still not supported by Sage?

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    Hello Parker,
    There is not a utility in Sage 500 that will allow for this. We have done this conversion for several of our customers, but it is NOT something that Sage supports. If you would like to discuss this feel free to email at [email protected]
    Dom Dell'Omo
    Director of Engineering Services
    E2bteknologies Inc.
  • Were you able to find a solution / script to achieve this?