• Inventory/order allocation if you are using Sage 500?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help to advise best practices on how to allocate inventory to orders if we are using Sage 500? I gathered in a different thread, that Sage 500 can't do this. So how do people accomplish this, and is it possible…
  • Planned Work Order Numbers change daily

    Because the Planned Work Order numbers change daily in the system and do not stay constant until the Work Order is actualized, we are loosing a key index to sort and analyze data. Does anyone know how to force the Planned Work Order numbers from cycling…
  • Work Orders

    Hi Team, I would like to understand the difference and impact between using a *** (Work Order Planned) and a WOF with status 'Planned'. Thanks
  • Labor Entry posting for the entire shift

    We have an issue with a product line, and we can't seem to correct it. On 90% of our routings for manufactured products, when we do a Labor Entry it calculates Overhead and Fixed costs using the pieces per hour and work center rates. One one product…
  • Change the raw materials GL code

    We're breaking out a few of our product lines, and we can't find any screen in Sage that will allow us to change the Raw materials GL account code when a labor entry is made. We've checked the Item Class, MF Item Class, and Maintain Inventory GL screens…
  • Allocated Material

    In our current configuration, it is not possible to bin transfer allocated material. Is it possible to change something to allow bin transfers of allocated material? If so, what? Thanks, Steve Riggins Rotomaster USA
  • Inventory Allocation

    Does Sage allow you to allocate OH inventory to only be shipped for a specific customer?
  • Are nested routings possible in a way that does not cause a cost composition issue when hitting the GL upon invoicing?

    Thanks to everyone for reading ahead of time! Question Is there a Sage, E2B, or other third part plugin, configuration, hotfix, or other solution that would allow for creating routings that nest other routings to help allow for machining of parts…
  • Sales order on hold, due to credit issues

    When putting a sales order on hold, due to credit issues, is there a way to also put the work order on hold?
  • Updated Pieces/Hour Not Changing in Maintain Routing After Running BOM Regeneration and Cost Rollup

    We are making changes to our work centers in Setup Work Center for the new year and we have active routings that have been in place for several years. In the past, we made the work center changes, then ran BOM Regeneration and Cost Rollup and the pieces…
  • Multiple Warehouse

    When I go to Item Maintenance in the Inventory Management Module the Default Warehouse is grayed out even though we have two different warehouse locations set up; how can I view the set up in another warehouse?
  • Delete Pick Group

    I have SAGE500 linked with O2 mobile. Under O2 Maintain pick groups, how do I delete a created pick group?
  • UOM that are variable

    We have been using an old piece of software that tracks rolls of paper for us. We are planning to discontinue using that software and are exploring whether we could track the rolls in our inventory system. The problem is that the PO would be issued for…
  • Build to Order versus Assemble to Order

    Can someone tell me what the difference between build to order and assemble to order are? Is there any way outside of full on manufacturing that we can do assemble to stock?
  • Back order and [Quantity on Sales Order] on replenishment position screen

    when user input in sales order order entry, if there have inventory shortage, Normal item > prompt for back order BTO item > did not prompt After order entry input finish, we have this in report, Normal item > back ordered with exact quantity…
  • MAS 500 Change from Average Cost basis to Standard Cost basis

    Has anyone done this? And if so, can you offer any advice for such an undertaking? Thank you
  • Product Configurator - Sage 500 ERP Manufacturing

    Has anyone implemented this module with Sage 500 Manufacturing in a discrete environment?
  • Relieving inventory associated with a work order.

    I am attempting to relieve all inventory that is attached to a WO. Is there a way to relieve all material at once, or is it necessary to do it item by item in the Material Issues screen? For example, in SAP when a WO was created all of the parts associated…
  • Standard Cost Issue...

    Hello, I am trying to build my standard costs in a way where I leverage the Bill or Materials to add non-inventory Items which I can cost at specific rates and re-direct through the GL Accounts to specific account. The purpose of this will be to be…
  • Maintain Items Valuation Method

    Is there a special permission to change the valuation method ?
  • Replenishment, setting up for MRP

    We are getting to the stage we want to set up our system to run MRP and work off the min/max, safety stock setup. I believe I read somewhere, although I can not find it now, That MRP uses safety stock level along with the EOQ of the active and standard…
  • "Transaction date non-existent period or calendar period"

    We get this call a lot in support during the first few days of the year. If you get this message there is a simple resolution, and that is to create the new inventory calendar for the new year. Please log into the KB and search for KB 55208 - "How to…