Entering in a CC purchase receipt


Hi. I am having troubles finding the correct spot to enter in a CC expense/purchase. Not using a CC to pay bills specifically, and not inventory necessarily, but day to day misc things (such as receipts for gas, meals, office supplies). Has anybody run into this that could give some guidance?

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    You can use either Payments (AKA Pay Bills) or Write Checks to record credit card purchases. Just change the cash account to your credit card liability account. Some people prefer the Write Checks screen because it's more streamlined, but I prefer Payments because then I can use the same screen to record an expense or pay an invoice.

    If you don't want to set a new vendor for every gas station, restaurant, etc. you can set up a Miscellaneous vendor or, set up a vendor for Gas, another for Meals, etc. so you can set the default expense account on each one to make data entry easier.

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    Is there an app my employees can download to upload receipt photos and list the cost code etc? Our legacy system is Acumatica and they had an app where they uploaded receipts directly and I could match it to banking transactions that came over from the company credit card. 

    we need to have a way for employees (who use company cards) to upload receipts for meals / auto etc 

    right now I'm having to manually drag + drop photos that they scan to me in bank transactions