Credit Card update

I am spitting angry!  After being notified that my credit card needed to be updated, I tried to log on and found it impossible.  I remember having this problem before, probably a year ago.  I am not a newbie to computers and systems, and this is perhaps the most frustrating site I have ever found when it comes to login.  Probably, it is bad beyond the login, but I don't know because I'm not interested in being further frustrated.  If my company did not have years of data in the PeachTree format I would quit this program as fast as I could.  I'm so angry that I might do it anyway.  Or another option is write a note like this as a post or feedback. 

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    Hi  ,

    I apologize for the frustration you've experienced with our login process. To simplify your access, your Customer Portal login at has been updated to match your Community Hub Gmail address.

    For further assistance and to ensure a thorough resolution, please email us at [email protected] with any additional details. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we take it very seriously. We want to make sure that your years of data in the Sage 50 US - PeachTree format are supported by a service that meets your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to support you in every way we can.

    Warm Regards,