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I purchased Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011 10 years ago. My computer crashed so I installed this program on my new computer. It won't let me open the program until I enter a registration number and customer ID. I do not have this information. Sage does not support this program anymore. How can I open the program and get all my business records? I need all my records to file my taxes.

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    Hi  ,

    Since it looks like you are using Sage 50 US (formerly called Peachtree), I am going to move this post to that Support Group so that other users of this software will see it and can offer you their thoughts and insight.

    Updates are affecting older installs though. Please view this announcement regarding important information about Sage 50 US version 2020.1 and earlier and the TLS protocol change that impacts install / reinstalls of older versions of Sage 50 US.



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    Just tried to get into some old records on our 2017 Sage and it wants to re-activate - then errors out and says tray again later.  Should I bother trying again later or is it done for good??

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    I'm using Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011. I purchased the program over 10 years ago and have been using it with no issues. My computer crashed so I installed the program onto my new computer. I can't sign in because it is requesting a registeration number and customer ID which I do not have. I don't need a Sage 50 subscription because I'm retired and just need to access my business records. All my business records are in this program and I can't access them.

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    Hi   and  ,

    Thank you both for reaching out with your concerns regarding older versions of Sage 50 US.

    Unfortunately, as per the latest announcement, Sage 50 US version 2020.1 and earlier, which includes the versions you are both using (2017 and 2011 respectively), rely on an unsupported third-party component for their operation. Specifically, these versions use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol v1.0 and 1.1, which are no longer supported due to security-related issues. As a result, attempting to reinstall or reactivate these unsupported versions after September 30, 2023, will generate an error, preventing access to the software.

    For users on active plans, the recommendation is to download and install the latest version of Sage 50 from the Sage 50 Welcome Center. For those not on an active plan, purchasing a subscription to the latest version of Sage 50—U.S. Edition is necessary to continue receiving compliance updates and support.

    I understand this situation poses an inconvenience, especially for accessing historical business records. To assist with transitioning your data to a new version of Sage 50, Sage offers Expert Data Services. Our Sage Expert Services team can help with database migration from older versions of Sage 50 or even non-Sage accounting programs. This service includes data rebuilds to ensure your business data needs are met efficiently and effectively, albeit with additional fees.

    For detailed assistance and to explore how Sage Expert Data Services can support your specific data migration needs, please contact Sage 50—U.S. Edition Customer Support at 1-866-747-3888.

    We recognize the critical importance of accessing your business records and are committed to providing support through this transition. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    Best regards,