• What is the subscription for?

    I operate an online auction for commercial fishermen. The primary item bought and sold is quota. There are roughly 150 licensed fishermen that can use the quota, so it is a small world. The auction began in 2011, but beginning next year the IRS will require…
  • Upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 and now it won't open

    I upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 last week and everything went well. The ledger was out of balance after the upgrade and I was going to contact support to help. Now it won't open at all and gave me a support phone number to call and it is the weekend so…
  • Software update popup message

    We are on Sage Quantum 2023. When we close Sage 50, every user gets the popup message "An update for Sage 50 is available, but it must be installed on the server first. Once the server is updated, you’ll be able to update this computer." Interestingly…
  • Sage 2014

    I’m looking to install free sage 2014. Will this install on Windows 11 or windows 10. I’m looking to transfer my data from peachtree 2009 thats on windows 10 to Sage 2014 and then transfer 2014 to Sage 50 pro 2020. Will this work?
  • Trying to install Sage 50, 2024 on Window Server 2019 standard edition and getting "Setup Launch Unicode has stopped".

    While trying to install Sage 50, 2024 on Windows server 2019, it gives error message of "Setup Launch Unicode has stopped, program will now close. Then everything rolls back and nothing works. How do I fix this as I cannot go back to 2023 now either.
  • Sage 50 Pro

    I just purchased a new computer with windows 11. I have been using Peachtree 2009 pro on my older computer. Purchased Sage 50 Pro. 2020. Will sage 50 pro 2020 be compatible with Windows 11 and will I be able to use my peachtree 2009 pro data and restore…
  • SAGE 50

    Where do I find the SAN Sage 50 Quantum download?
  • serial number

    need serial number to install the new version
  • Is there anywhere to buy a sage 50 2021 premium user license add on still?

    Is there anywhere to buy a sage 50 2021 premium user license add on still?
  • Installing Sage 50 2021 on Server Questions

    Hello First here is what I did. I installed sage on server and it gives link to install on workstations. However first question is do I need to install on workstations or can I connect directly through terminal server? I tried installing on a workstation…
  • sage 50 stopped opening in middle of day from workstation, but still opens on database hosting workstation.

    Sage 50 2020 US, Windows 10 Pro, Peer to Peer network. One workstation hosts the database. Sage 50 still opens on that one. Two different workstations are getting "Can't open" errors. We ran the diagnostic tool and the error given was Local Path on…
  • Sage 50 US

    How do I put a copy of Sage 50 on my laptop as backup for from my desktop?
  • 2024 upgrade / not opening

    Downloaded Sage 50 2024, it was successful download and converted the database, reshared to remote access. Even shows company is shared in remote data access as 2024 version. I enter credentials and nothing happens. Database does not open. Or information…
  • Worst Developement and Support Ever, At a Stand still NO access After Update to 2024

    This software is the worst for developement and support that I have ever encountered in my profissional IT career. We have no access to our Sage 50 after updating to 2024, it will not accept any logins, and I can get no one to help me. I put in a support…
  • Connection to Sage HR after 2024 upgrade

    I downloaded the 2024 upgrade with no problem. I got logged in and converted my data just fine. But when trying to get connected to Sage HR I get up pop up that says We are connecting your company to Sage HR please wait. So I wait and wait and wait…
  • Activation Attempts

    I was told to keep trying to activate my license after doing the upgrade to 2024. You have 10 attempts, I am down to 4 left, what happens if I use them all up and still not get activated? Thanks
  • login issue after upgrading to sage 2024

    I need someone to help with this login issue after upgrading to sage 2024. After I click 'OK' at the login window, it asks me to change the password, so I change password for example to 'Bo123456', it always gives me an error message 'old password is…
  • Downloading 2024 -- Need a New Serial Number?

    Good Afternoon ~ My Sage 50 Accounting US Edition product has a download available for the 2024 edition; however, in going through the process to download that, it wants a serial number. When I input my current serial number, it doesn't work. I haven…
  • Unable to update Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2017

    I received the message Sage.com no longer supports Internet Explorer (IE11), then I tried to update Sage50 with version 29.2.3 but the serial number format does not match the requested one.
  • "Connect to a shared Company" greyed out on new installation

    After installing Sage50 2023 on a new computer the option to "Connect to a shared company" is grayed out. He have our company setup for Remote data access. Am I missing a step? Thanks,
  • Sage make it impossible to cancel

    So our sage expires in December. We don't want to renew. It says we are on Sage business care, auto-renews. We want that turned off. Chat says to call 877-495-9904 They pass you onto an account manager, but it's just VM. Tried 877…
  • Install SAGE 50 can not connect to database

    Dear, I just install sage 50 2023, for Server and 2 clients is okay but the rest have following message Could show me how to resolve this or how to add rule for firewall? Thanks
  • Sage 50 2014 Program Loading correctly

    Sage 50 2014 not loading correctly. View has line items on top of line items.
  • Upgrade to 2023 fails again!!

    We have attempted for the 3rd time to upgrade from 2022 to 2023, and again it fails. The upgrade appears to run successfully, but when attempting to start Sage, no logon screen appears. Each previous time, we had to have support involved to help us…
  • registration of Peachtree 2010

    Hi am trying to activate Peachtree 2010 , can you kindly assist